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Training your legs


hombros musculososLeg exercises are very important to strengthen our leg muscles. In this article we have discussed in detail about some leg exercises at home.

The leg muscles are very important as they carry the entire body weight when we are walking, standing or running. Sometimes, the leg muscles tend to become weak when a person gets confined to the bed because of some illness. This may lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Leg exercises are helpful for toning up the leg muscles. Leg exercises enable the muscles to work in perfect harmony with each other all over again. If you do some leg exercises at home regularly, then that will help you to keep your legs in good shape for many years to come. Thus, you will be able to move up and down the stairs comfortably even when you grow old.

The legs become stronger very quickly if you choose the right exercises for your legs. Your leg muscles respond very well to the exercises.

Exercises for the Thighs

Put your entire body weight on the left foot and do not bend the knee. Keep the position of your right foot at an angle. You can take the support of a chair or a wall to keep your body balance.


Slowly move the leg in the upward direction as much as you can. Then lower it down to the ground. Now put the body weight on the right foot and lift the left leg in the same manner. Repeat this for 20 times for each leg.

musculos hombros hombresHome exercises for the thighs will help you to get rid of muscle cramps in your thigh muscles. Lie flat on the ground. Bend your knees and rest your feet on the ground. Hold any one knee at a time and keep your leg in such a way that it forms a perpendicular shape to the body. Now gradually make your leg straight and hold it in that straight position. Count up to ten and then bring down the leg carefully. Make sure you do not overstretch yourself. If you are suffering from any knee problem, you should not do this workout.

Exercises for the Knees

This knee exercise will help make the muscles in and around the knees stronger. Take a chair with a straight back and sit on it. Cross your legs in the area above the ankles. You can keep the legs in a straight position or you can bend them at the knees. Put a forward pressure with your back leg on the front one. At the same time, push the front leg in the backward direction to put some pressure on the back leg. Both the forward and the backward pressure should be equivalent so that there is no possibility of movement of the legs. Hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds. You can try out this exercise with other leg positions too.

muscles shoulders Exercises for the Hips

This is one of those leg exercises at home which is meant for firming up the muscles of the hips and upper portion of the thighs. Stand on your feet and keep the arms by your sides. Then spread the legs sideways up to your shoulder width. Maintain a straight body posture. Now slowly move your hips in the downward direction in the same way you do for sitting on a chair. Move it down as much as you can and then gradually stand up straight. Repeat this for 20 times. Do not try to do it in a haste. Keep your breathing normal. Do not open your mouth for breathing. Bend your knees as much as you can without hurting yourself. Do not push yourself too much as your thigh muscles may get pulled.

The problem with exercises to do at home is that you get tempted to overdo them to achieve faster results. However, the fact is leg exercises at home can give you the best results if it is accompanied by a healthy diet and drinking sufficient amount of water. At home, exercises can be made a fun affair if done with your partner or any friend. He or she can be helpful in monitoring whether you are overstraining yourself.


Do you train? What do you seemed these tips?

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