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Shoulder workout routine


hombros musculososThe shoulders are the most widely used muscle in the upper body in my opinion. They function in almost every action that comes your way. The shoulders have almost 360 degrees of rotation, not to mention a broad thick set of shoulders looks impressive on stage and even better in the eye of the another guys.
by Alex Stewart

Yes, shoulders are an important muscle but why is it that so many people can't seem to develop a thick well balanced set of shoulders? Keep reading and we will figure out the answer to that question in time.

In the article below I will discuss the anatomy of the shoulder, its function, location in the body and some exercises for each area of the shoulder.

The only problem with this training approach is presses for the shoulders will heavily recruit the anterior head (front portion) with little work to the middle and posterior head (back portion) of the shoulder girdle.

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This builds a terrible imbalance and also can result in injury. Without middle and posterior development the shoulders look narrow from both the musculos hombros hombresfront and the side.

Many times injury is a result of imbalances like this. As a whole the shoulder is a moderate sized muscle, it is made up of 3 small muscles.

Each muscle should receive an adequate workload and nothing more.The shoulder girdle can rotate almost 360 degrees, so exercises will be performed in many different angles with the use of free weights, machines and cables. I like to use a low (4-6) rep range with the compound pressing exercises and a moderate (8-12) rep range for all the isolation work.

All exercises should be performed in perfect form because bad form or habits that you start now will follow you and will lead to lack of progress or worst off injury in the future. Many if not all the exercises will be new to you.

Now that you understand about what muscles make up your shoulder, their function, location and the rep range needed to stimulate it, let's give you some workouts to help you build your shoulder.

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Shoulder Workout Routine

This workout emphasizes going heavy on your first two exercises, and it's ideal for building massive delts.
Excercise Sets Reps
Smith Machine Overhead Press 4 5-6*
Arnold Press 4 10,8,6,6
Barbell Upright Row 3 8-10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 10-12
- superset with -
Dumbbell Bent-Over Lateral Raise 3 10-12


Do you train? What do you seemed these tips?

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