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The natural aging of our skin begins around age 30, gradually losing elasticity and firmness, unless we take on this. Because it is inevitable that over the years, our muscles will lose strength while flaccid wins the battle, thanks largely to overly sedentary life to which we are accustomed, we must now put to work if we are to maintain and or recover the strength lost.

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If you want to win the battle, or should a genetic predisposition or (most importantly) with a good dose of willpower, that you have this right from the start. Remember also that flabby and overweight are not closely related, although the latter never help a person slim can also suffer in his body flabby. The key is exercise and good nutrition.
Over_50_menThere are areas in which our body expresses the flabbiness more easily in the chest (if the men too) abdomen, buttocks, thighs and inside of your arms. A disordered life, anxiety, stress and certain illnesses also affect our fabrics.

To maintain our strong body is essential to perform some daily exercise, if you do not like any sport or do not want to go to the gym, you can always choose to walk an hour a day, yes, provided that a little force the pace. And if these made a gogo boy... ¡dance! ¡dance! is a great way to keep your figure.

You can also change your daily habits a little, small things that will help you fight saggy by the day, use a little less like the car and walk to the sites up and down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, maintain good posture while sitting and standing, like sitting and getting up properly ... and at the end of the day be a good shower of fresh water, which tones and gives firmness to the skin.

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After showering, apply a body moisturizer, they will help you refine your skin. In the market you will find a wide variety of firming creams that work by relaxing and improving the state of our skin externally and help support collagen fibers in the dermis, reported for anti-aging treatments to help restore firmness and tone the skin . These products must be applied every day, hence the importance of you constantly, and always performing a gentle massage in a circular and upward.

The food is also important, a diet low in protein such favors a lack of muscle tone. Sudden changes in weight, as well as quick or extreme diets are also contraindicated. If you like tea, try the ponytail is slimming and firming.

Begin to take care and remember that from 30 our skin begins to lose elasticity, starting a gradual natural aging that will gradually erode the quality of our skin when we do not intervene.


Do you train? What do you seemed these tips?

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