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sexiest_man_425x600Here are some of the important fundamentals of any weight training and overall exercise program that you need to remember when you are focused on developing a Body Perfect Fitness and Health program.

Safety First- any weight training has some risk associated with it if you do not practice safe procedures. The following guidelines will help you stay safe and stay free from injury.

Warm up and Cool Down- it is very important to get the muscles prepared for your work out by getting the blood flowing and raising your body temperature which in turn helps your oxygen flow to all of your muscles. It gets you revved up for a great work out and also helps reduce injury.

Focus on Form and Proper Technique- I watch so many people in the gym everyday that are not using the correct form or technique that easily could lead to severe injury.


Think Slow and Smooth. Only lift what you are comfortable with and never every sacrifice good technique for trying to muscle a weight that is too heavy for you.
More weight doesn't mean more strength and success. If your form and technique is no good then you are wasting each rep and not getting the true benefit from it.
attractive_man_275x212Keep away from momentum pushes from your body, or arching of the back or jerking your head forward in a upward lifting movement. Remember Slow, Smooth and Realistic.

What you should DO-

Wear proper shoes that provide grip
Keep your back straight and stomach tight

Always ask for help in spotting for heavy lifts and communicate with the spotter exactly how many reps and when you need help.
Be aware in the weight room and carry weights with care and properly

What you shouldn't DO-

If you feel pain at any time STOP!!!!
Lift only what you feel comfortable with that you can handle with a smooth and non jerky motion with an minimum of 8-12 reps.

muscles hairy manBREATH!!!!- Do not hold your breath.. Remember to breath out on the concentric or muscle shortening phase and breath in on the stretching or eccentric phase. Focus on squeezing the muscle.

REST REST and REST- Never work the same muscle group more than 3 times in any given week. You need at least one day between working the same muscle group.

Write it Down!!!- Goals are achieved when you set one on paper and then monitor your progress. Every weight training program should include some form of tracking of your progress on paper. It is a great way to monitor your success!!!

Eat at the right time: Nourish your muscles after a good work out. Remember that every time you work out your muscles you deplete stores of carbohydrates (glycogen) as well as your amino acids. You need to refuel those worked muscles with a good mix of Low Glycemic Index Carbs and solid protein like a nice piece of Salmon or lean chicken breast.

Remember Safety First, Have Fun, Rest and Re-energize and Refuel.

Stay Safe and enjoy your journey to Body Perfect Fitness and Health.


Do you train? What do you seemed these tips?

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