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hairy abdominalsAbs aren’t just some flashy muscle group that makes you look good with your shirt off, they are much more and play an important part in performance for all sports. That is why it is extremely important, even if they don’t show, to train abs effectively. Abs are used in almost every heavy exercise, but to get to train abs properly ISOLATION and QUALITY are the key! Let’s work on that…

According to our friend Arnie, there are two reasons as to why your abs aren’t visible:

1. Not enough dieting and there is a layer of fat over your the abs

2. You haven’t been doing enough isolation exercises with good quality, full range of motion training

Definition and visibility of abs isn’t important for everyone, so first let’s talk about ab training. Abs are a tricky muscle group, they require special attention and usually are done after every workout.


You don’t need to use heavy weights to get good abs, you don’t need any fancy exercises either, and one thing you definitely don’t need is to be wasting your time training hip flexors rather than actually training abs.

Here is a brief video of Greg Plitt showing some ab exercises and describing the most common mistake, training hip flexors instead of abs. Sorry I don’t have my own video, but I told you all I was interested in getting you the best information possible. I agree 100% with everything Plitt says in this video and find that this is very good information.

Sixpack manHis rep ranges are really high, and that is what you want! But you might not be able to reach that rep range when you just start, but try your best and you will improve over time. The key to the video, for those who don’t want to watch it is that you are actually bringing your knees to your chest and rolling your hips forward to contract your abdomens, if you go less than that you are just working your hip flexors. To work out your top abs you need to roll your rib cage toward your pelvis, don’t lift your entire back off the floor like they may have taught you in school or you see many people doing on tv.

And when you get to the top of the movement, try to exhale and squeeze your abs to get a really good contraction. Remember, quality and isolation are important here.

There are so many ab exercises out there, and the reason being is that you should change it up every workout. This keeps things interesting as well as never letting your abs get used to the same movements. The basics are the best to start with, crunches and twists.

Sorry for the advertisements but this is the best I could come up with for some images and instructions to training abs. This site offers some exercises and how to do them. Hopefully soon I can get my own videos up and remove the link and replace it with my own content, but for now I don’t want you guys to have to wait! Remember what Plitt said as well, it is IMPORTANT to try and switch it up every day. Your arsenal is now loaded with a bunch of new exercises to rotate through every day. Try to pick at least 1 for upper abs, 1 for lower abs, and 1 for obliques.

men abs Start with the least developed area so that way you ensure you are using the best form possible before you get tired of training. You should be on your way to getting great abs!

The next part is crucial, and it’s all about diet. You might have strong abs and might even have a great 6 pack already, but nobody is going to see it under a layer of fat. Washboard abs are all about diet. You might have to get below 10% bodyfat for your abs to come out, but everyone is different. Some people may get abs to show at a higher % bodyfat, it really depends on where your working absbody stores most of the fat. So diet is extremely important. If you are going to train your abs hard, why wouldn’t you want people to see them, just like people see your biceps or chest. Don’t be discouraged that your abs don’t show or if you are well above 10% bodyfat, it is still worth it to train abs! It just means its going to take some time for them to show, but the more you train them the less weight you will have to lose for them to show. I find that even at 13% bodyfat I am able to see at least the top 4 of my abs, lower abs being the most difficult to train and hardest spot to lose fat.

So if you follow these tips and information I have found for you guys, ab training should be quite simple. However, a clean diet is also necessary if you plan on having those abs stick out. It takes work, but if this is your goal then those are just necessary steps you have to take to reach it.

Once again, good luck and I hope you found this helpful!


Do you train? What do you seemed these tips?

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