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Which TV series do you saw in your childhood?

He manUndoubtedly everything that we chose from kids to watch on television, is giving us a hint of what would be our tastes gays in the future. Of course, when you did as a child, did not know, just because you looked TV because you liked.

But, how many of these TV shows and cartoons, had to do with homosexual desire that flourish in our teens?.
Beyond the curiosity of the child by the other's body (we had it all). The future gay, and from an early age, stands out in something that makes it different from other children and appears in the form of qualities: "He excels in painting", "In visual arts", "sports activities" ect.
Some children are encouraged by their parents to engage in certain activities, others are attentive to your child's tastes and help them develop their potential.
And a third group is self-taught, you will find your way as you can and referendums are often found on television (at one time were the books and now the Internet).


In my childhood I spent many hours watching television, no one control what I saw, or the amount I saw.
Why? What problem could make my mother, if I was watching a cartoon for children, ...!
But ... that's what I looked but what looked at that cartoon?, ... Of course watching the classics that every child saw: Tweety and the cat, Tom and Jerry, the Roadrunner, popeye, the bird crazy, Mr Magoo ect.

But, for example "He man" woke up on my other interests, I spent much time trying to draw muscles Nordic blond, long hair and blue eyes of tender boy, lifting his sword (might say an erection) saying with a loud voice like a big macho: I have the power! and transformed in the male super-powerful that it could against all evil.
That fueled hopes in the mind of a child and lanky skinny perfect man with his sword infallible?.
Then later came the series at snack time. The classic "Batman and Robin" of the Mayan adjusted and villains dressed as sailors.
"Starky and Hutch" that when one of them pulled his shirt, revealing a hairy athletic torso and my breath.

"The Nuclear Man" bionic superpowers besides, he was to eat him, and he had a big pakcage in his short shorts while running in slow motion all the fantasies you untied.

Who would think that child while watching "The Saint" with Roger Moore, wanted to be tied to a chair and leave him helpless, ...
"Chips, motorized patrol" Two motorcycle cops, ideal for fetish fantasy.

"Tarzan" wild man, muscular, naked, virgin who walked through the forest hanging from a vine.
Many times what it was or dialogue series had no importance, the image was all that mess, because we did not know that attracted both that and no other series. When then you reunías with your classmates and spoke of chapter they had seen the "Angeles de Charly" you realize that the only thing that got your attention, was perfect and beautiful hairstyle Farrat or nice clothes that were put the girls in the party sequence.
My room was full of pictures of girls, ... but why? They were beautiful creatures on TV, beautiful, desirable and glamorous. There were no girls in swimsuits but spectacular dresses!.
"THE Incredible Hulk" despite how ugly they were both actors, I was always waiting

that at least once, when transformed into the Green Monster, also broke her pants and could see everything naked, because he developed hit every muscle in the buttocks least?.
and was the sweet "Acuaman" or "Man from Atlantis" always naked, and I needed that lend a wet occasionally to survive, ...
"Donovan" from the series "V alien invasion" and I loved that man!

Yet many children saw the same series, and each end of it we were left with different ideas and images, not knowing we fed our adult fantasies.
That many would go to the gym to get those muscles, other fetish desires develop and seek work in jobs that allow them to wear uniforms and fellowship with many tough men, others would transvestites other artists, and in every branch of art and profession, these children gay would open way.

At the next meeting you have with your friends, ask them what they saw in TV were they was children and maybe, ... the answers will amaze.

Thousands and thousands of gay kids are seeing right now, the same programs, playing the same games, using the same colony and slippers, singing the same songs and using the same hairstyles.
Scattered throughout the world hundreds of gay children not yet know they will but they sense different, they are doing the same things, ... and do not share the same country or the same language or religion, yet cosmically are twinned in the same frequency.

I recently received a letter from a mother of a gay teen, thanking me a note I wrote for a group on yahoo music "Jason and deMarco" She told me that your average English teenager was gay and wanted to get a place in music, who loved him and always would support his dreams, but know that other young musicians gays (guys with the same wave) has helped him to continue his struggle.

That would be fantastic to have a meeting of all those kids gay, and listen to your favorite talk, what would be the thrill to hear that others feel the same or similar or at least look the same.

For all these gay kids do not even know who they are, and at some point they think they are alone in the world ... and they are not. And for the child who was in front of the black and white TV.

He sent a huge hug fraternal love.

Author: Peter Panthy