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Chris Brochu the new Gay Vampire

Chris Brochu vampireHe will play Luke, the mysterious college student.

When it was announced that The Vampire Diaries was finally casting its first gay character, the Internet went into a frenzy about finally having a studly vampire to fantasize over. (OK, not that they all weren't lusting over Ian Somerhalder already.)

Now the show has finally made good on that promise. According to E! Online, Chris Brochu has been added to the cast as "the fun and charming Luke."

He will start attending Whitmore College in episode 16 and be around for an extended arc. The actor is a relative newcomer who has appeared NCIS: LA, Hannah Montana and Zoey 101. Looks like he's finally moving into more adult territory with this CW series.


Chris BrochuDepending on how things go, we may have to add Luke to our list of the most eligible TV bachelors.

Funding the film with his own money, Manganiello teamed up with his brother brother Nick, who’s also his partner in 3:59 Inc. Productions. They initially envisioned it as a reality series but some encouragement from Soderbergh—and the tragic shooting death of a dancer weeks before filming began—made the brothers realize there was a deeper story to tell about the iconic dance club.

“It’s a Trojan horse,” Nick told Essential Homme of the doc. “You’re definitely getting a look inside the world of male stripping, but who these guys are, where they come from, where they’re going, takes the film in a lot of different directions.”

According to E! Online, TVD has cast Chris Brochu as Luke, a “fun and charming … student at Whitmore college who bonds with Elena and Caroline.” Well, they do need a new college friend now that Aaron and Jesse are dead.

Unfortunately, like the deceased melancholic millionaire, Luke has something to hide.


Chris Brochu In fact, E! Online went as far as to call it “a secret agenda.” (Get in line, pal. Whitmore College has more of those than it does secret vampire students — and that’s saying something.)

Luke will show up in Season 5, Episode 16, and it seems his integration into the vampire coeds’ lives has something to do with “the growing tension between the witches and the Travelers.” Eek! Is he a Traveler? Or a witch? And we thought the Travelers were witches. Sigh. Sometimes, it’s so hard to keep track of all of this supernatural subsects.


We’re inclined to lean towards a Traveler identity for Luke, given that he doesn’t seem to be be friends with Bonnie as well as Caroline and Elena. It’s somewhat suspicious that she’s absent from her roomies’ new social circle (social triangle?). Unless the exclusion has something to do with the ties Bonnie still has to the witch community. Last episode, we saw her tutor an inexperience witch in the fine art of locator spells. Ten bucks on her becoming Whitmore College’s unofficial Professor of Witchology, and holding training sessions in her abnormally large dorm room.

What do you think Luke’s “secret agenda” might be? Are you pleased to see that TVD has finally cast a gay character?

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