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Photographer Tony Duran

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Tony Duran has photographed a virtual who’s who of the Hollywood and fashion set. Born in Winona, MN and a graduate from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Duran has no formal training in photography but utilizes his past of painting, drawing and unrivaled artistic vision.

Tony Duran BiographyFrom the beginning of his career, Duran has traveled the world building a stellar archive of work. Tony Duran’s work has been seen on countless magazine and album covers, campaigns and editorials.



I treat each subject with the same approach, be it models or actors, or a person off Tony Duran Biographythe street. People just want to look more beautiful and sexy than they did when they walked in the door. It is all a fantasy, a fantasy that I am more than willing to provide.

Tony Duran is the go-to man for racy photo shoots. His scandalous black & white style that leaves little to the imagination without crossing the boundaries has made him a hot commodity desired by the big celebrity names when they decide to go edgy.


From divas like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, to cougars like Rene Russo and Brooke Shields, Duran even domesticated Paris Hilton and turned her into a housewife in one of his shoots.
This cluster celebrates the work of this brilliant photographer who showcases the beauty of the human body.

Tony Duran BiographyTony Duran

Dievx Dv Stade: Gods Of The Stadium.

The ancient Greeks thought the gods dwelled on Mount Olympus. We can confidently report that they've moved to the Paris Rugby stadium Elaborating on the photographs taken for the popular calendar of the same name, these tantalizing images feature players of the famous international rugby club, the Stade Francais Paris, in all their unclothed glory. Tony Duran's work worships the human form, whether in his sexually charged nude studies, his sensual fashion photography, or his inventive celebrity portraiture. Duran has take his signature style to Dieux di Stade, where he transforms the athlete into graphic sensual male form.

Tony Duran BiographyTony Duran Biography


Duran is known for photographing nude and semi-nude models. This has led to lists such as Trend Hunter's "12 most scandalous Tony Duran photos." He also uses strange imagery and props in his work. This has lead to some mocking reviews. His work with Beyonce was reviewed by The Mirror as looking like something out of Star Trek.

Tony Duran BiographyTony Duran Biography


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