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Art in the Pines: Harol Baez

New June 2014
Harol Baez WorkThe Madison’s art series continues with provocative photography in Fire Island Pines

The finest of Fire Island Pines’s guesthouses continues "The Madison Art & Fashion Summer Series" with the work of New York-based photographer Harol Baez.

Over the last five years Baez has shot numerous models on Fire Island utilizing the island's natural sea and landscapes as settings for his vivid and provocative imagery. This exhibition is a tribute to the island's natural beauty, a celebration of color, and the male form. Baez says his experience with the Pines has been a pleasant one of fond memories and great times with friends and family over the years and is thrilled his first exhibit will be on Fire Island. The collection includes images shot on Fire Island, Miami, and Montego Bay.

The launch of the show, which features photographs of strength and power (and


more than a few nods to the beauty of the male figure) is a cocktail reception on this Saturday, July 5, 4–7pm, at The Madison (22 Atlantic Walk), and all are welcome. Harol Baez WorkThe artist will be in attendance and all works are for sale. The show, in association with The Pines Gallery, will be on display through July.

Fire Island Pines, New York

Fire Island Pines (often referred to as The Pines, simply Pines, or FIP) is a hamlet in the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York, United States. It is located on Fire Island, a barrier island on the southern side of Long Island.

Fire Island Pines, along with neighboring Cherry Grove, comprise the gay community on Fire Island.

The Pines, which has the most expensive real estate on Fire Island, has approximately 700 houses on its square mile of location. It has two-thirds of the swimming pools on Fire Island. Its summer seasonal population is between 2,500 and 3,000 and in 2004 12 people listed it as their full-time residence.

Harol Baez WorkHarol Baez

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