Hollywood Queer
Hollywood Queer de Leandro PalenciaThe journalist Leandro Palencia publishes' Hollywood Queer ', a thematic and biographical journey on the world in the gay mecca of cinema.

Homosexuals have always played a vital presence in Hollywood, both inside and outside the screen and, although on numerous occasions have not been reflected their own reality, maintained a special relationship with this powerful medium through which they communicate and share their experiences.

In addition, the Boards are projected, confirm and make up their desires and emotions thanks to the stars, characters and stories of films.

On these premises is built 'Hollywood Queer', a thematic and biographical journey through the history of film sexualities gay, lesbian, bisexual and transvestite signed by journalist Leandro Palencia.This thematic and biographical journey on the world in the gay mecca of film (T & B) makes clear that, within the Hollywood film industry, have always been a powerful and influential community in which actors, dancers, directors, designers, hairdressers, dressmakers , Make-up artists and producers are struggling to pretend to be "normal" and had as a rule the discretion not to be excluded from the society of celluloid.



This refresher on the secrets and lies of the Mecca of film recalls regarding homosexuals in the golden age of film were called "friends perfumed" and "men of twilight" and that homosexuality for decades, rather than invisible, it was taboo on the midnight cowboybig screen.So, when was represented indirectly through normally and homophobic stereotypes. Afeminados snob, aesthete impeccable, barber, photographer of fashion, chismoso, ridicule and the spinster school teacher were the most common.

Queer Hollywood' also addresses the phenomenon fans, who are increasingly interested in knowing whether their interpreters are so much more after embody one-was almost a norm in Hollywood selecting actors for heterosexual homosexual characters to attract more spectators.

SergeantIn the twenties, studies arranger white romances and marriages, rather than a moral question, the box office because, if an actor gave money, no matter sexual identity.But if you stopped hide it, could ruin your career."Hollywood has always considered the homosexual as poison for box office, even now remains the idea that an openly gay actor-actress is finished because nobody will believe in him / her as a sex symbol or gallant to the opposite sex," says the writer , Which stresses that what sends in the Mecca of cinema is the business, so many stars have to adjust their private conduct to his fictional image of the screen.

the-wedding-banquet_285x400The code of silence was exacerbated by the social impact of films and the constant scandals of the stars.During the 20 clauses were included contracts with morality or drug-or orgies or adultery or homosexuality.Profitability Curiosities as the quintessential male gender, black cinema, is where there are more characters loosely characterized as homosexual, especially if it makes villains murderers, and who identified with a female character was the only way that gays had to live by "delegation" about intimate feelings, which dot is the first guide in Castilian theory of 'queer' in the movie, which has always understood that homosexuals are crazy for the movies and are obsessive fans with the stars and film-Montgomery Clift, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe, among many other examples.

The thrust of television and movies like 'The moon is blue' and 'Man of the golden arm' enabled the film deal with issues "most adults", but still the problem with homosexual.

The book suggests that the outbreak in the United States of a specifically homosexual film was thanks to the underground cinema of the sixties. The factory of dreams begins to treat homosexuality in a more complex as in 'Reflections in a Golden Eye' with Marlon Brando on the orders of John Huston, and 'The Sergeant', focusing on the repressed homosexuality in the army.

The birdcageMore dramatic was the treatment in the oscarizada 'Midnight Cowboy', 'The killing of Sister George' and 'The boys de la banda', but until the eighties there is no tolerance or positive vision of what gay.That's because in the eighties when it was discovered that the explicit films about homosexuality could be profitable.'A game', 'Dressed to kill', 'Is Victor or Victoria?', 'Something more than colleagues',' The Kiss of the Spider Woman ',' My beautiful laundry 'and' Maurice ', are some of the titles this time when AIDS became rampant in the gay community.

The illness resulted in Hollywood in a return to pure masculinity represented by Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis Burca and Van Damme. These players had muscled its female version of the heroines' Alien '-Sigourney Weaver,' Terminator '-Linda Hamilton-and' The lieutenant-O'Neill-Demi Moore, who combined masculinity and femininity and gave an image "marimacho" .

jeffrey_275x400Hollywood once again look to homosexuals in the delivery of the 1991-Oscar ceremony in which all the guests looked dressed in red ribbons.In this decade, independent films that explore the boundaries of sexuality are 'The Wedding Banquet "and" Mullholland Drive', Ang Lee and David Lynch, respectively, although the most attention were called 'Boys Do not Cry ',' Far from Heaven 'and' The Hours'.

Outside U.S. also parking schemes male-female tape New Zealand 'heavenly creatures' British' The Crying Game 'and Spanish' All About My Mother ', among others.Shown his Vivtor_Victoria_285x400commercial success, the capital of cinema were encouraged to invest in films that explore sexuality more openly, but they triumphed where repeated the formula of homosexual who dies at the end - 'Philadelphia', Jonathan Demme - or who are vicious and dastardly criminals - 'básico' Instinct. "However, Hollywood is more comfortable with works that show the homosexual as a picturesque and graceful figure, especially if they are drag queens -''To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything JulieNewman 'Or' One-grillos' cage, or the best friend of actor hetero - 'The wedding of my best-amigo'.

If yesteryear censorship came from abroad, in recent times come from this group claiming pictures they portraits politically correct-happy, educated, intelligent and integrated smoothly with its status and sex-raising their voices against titles that do not meet their expectations as' Basic Instinct 'or' Braveheart '.'Hollywood Queer ' also includes professionals, film and issues tickets, with which the author emphasizes that does not purport to the 'outing'-characters who hide their sexual identity 'leaving the armario'-like Queer Nation'.This group has pursued a radical Debra Winger, Tom Selleck, Jona Travolta, Richard Gere, Jodie Foster and Richard Chamberlain."Other usual suspects are Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey and Timothy Hutton.


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