Ross Watson

Ross Watson 470x524Internationally renowned Australian artist, Ross Watson, has developed a distinctive style of contemporary realist painting, which have been included in the collections of Sir Elton John, The Australian National Gallery, The President of The World Bank, and Lord Cholmondeley.  

His highly collectable work weaves unique vision masterfully with exotic realism.

Ross Watson was born in 1962. He has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions since 1984, including important surveys of Australian and international contemporary art at the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, and in the Toronto International Art Fair.

Film producer Henry Crawford, and co-owner of the exclusive "Vatulele Resort" on the South Pacific island of Vatulele, flew Ross Watson to the island which inspired the Nets series.



Ross Watson 275x212"Ross Watson offers meticulously and beautifully painted partial views of Vatulele, the unpolluted world. This is the most unpretentiously symbolic painting around, done with rare consumate skill. The nets are quietly rapturous decorations painted with relaxed, beguiling ease; light, breezes and sunshine are distilled into one captivating form. They cleanse the eye and the mind" (Elwyn Lynn, The Australian, 17.02.1995). Ian Roberts series is a series of surreal paintings using Ian Roberts, Australia's great rugby star who recently announced his homosexuality publicly, as the single subject  
  Michael Kirwan 477x493The paintings are very stylized and constructed with deliberate, posed figure studies of a barely clad Roberts, emotionally charged through their seriousness and starkness.

"Watson places Roberts in obviously staged studio settings,... all against backdrops of painted skies and the figure artificially lit with a single spotlight, to isolate Roberts from his more commonly associated environment. This enables the athletic hero to act as an icon for our time" (Darrel Couturier, Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles, 04.06.1996).

The Always Afternoon Series was inspired by the S.B.S. television mini-series Always Afternoon. "I was invited by Director David Stevens, (The Sum of Us, A Town Like Alice), and Producer Henry Crawford, to observe the making of the series" (Ross Watson).

Michael Kirwan 477x493James D. Wolfensohn, President of The World Bank 1995 - 2005, has enjoyed and admired Watson's art since 1987 when he commissioned two major works. He has since acquired five paintings from the Always Afternoon series.

La Galerie des Glaces, or Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, was the initial inspiration for Watson's latest series of paintings. Technology, contemporary figures, all juxtaposed with classical figures and settings, which Watson appropriated from European master paintings.

Galerie des Glaces provokes viewers to reinterpret classical imagery, while exploring themes that are as relevant today as they were in the seventeenth century.

"Galerie des Glaces takes a distinctive approach to contemporary realism and throws an unexpected twist of imagination, candidness, and finally idealism. This is easily one of Watson's most vivid series of paintings" (Tom Wolfe-Schleswig,
Toronto Associated Press).

Watson said that in the early days he was shy about asking men to model for him. Nowadays, his subjects include high profile sports people such as Grant Hackett, Ian Roberts and Collingwood AFL Adonis’ Brodie Holland and Paul Licuria.


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