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Ricky MartinEver since Ricky Martin announced his six-year relationship with Carlos González Abella had come to an end, fans and media outlets all over the world have been constantly trying to figure out who the Latino superstar is dating nowadays, or if he is looking to have a long-term relationship in the near future.

Ricky's love life seems to be a town of hopes to win the heart of handsome and talented interest. But someone has finally come up to this young father of twins?



On Thursday, the 43-year-old singer made the headlines after being spotted with artist Jwan Yosef in the streets of Tokyo. “Obviously we’re starting a band,” Yosef captioned a photo of the two of them hanging out in Japan.

Even though the singer has yet to comment about the rumors, we can tell by his Instagram photos that he is indeed in Tokyo and he is definitely not alone. Are they having a romantic long weekend or are they just buddies?

Ricky Martin y novio Jwan YosefBut who is he?

Jwan Yosef is a Swedish artist of Syrian heritage, whose subject matter oozes a mind of dualism, a constant search for approval and the process of an initiation.

Jwan Yosef’s Background

Jwan Yosef was born in 1984 in Syria and grew up in Stockholm where he received his BA in Fine Art from Konstfack University College of Arts in 2009. In 2010, Yosef moved to London and a year later he obtained his MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art.

Self-referential Work and Dualism


Ricky Martin  Jwan YosefWhether it is a religious rite, confirmation or college hazing, Yosef ‘s work becomes thoroughly self-referential. The Nature of Yosef’s duality leads to an image world tackling the in between state of certainties and uncertainties, norms and abnormities.

Yosef aims to explore the idea and value of repetition and how that can affect a still image. By doing series of an occurrence of the same object and in that way giving the still image life.

Painting on Perspex

The use of different materials has come to play a big role in Yosef’s practice, not only in the process of his painting, but also in the interpretation of the subject.

The painted object almost reacts to the material, adapting a performative, sometimes seductive, behaviour. Whether it is Canvas or Perspex the sheet acts directly as a window into a scene that unravels in front of you.

Yosef works solely on one side of the transparent Perspex only to flip the finished work displaying the unpainted surface. It is an object caught, almost pressed, between the Perspex and the layer of paint.


Ricky Martin



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