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cruising gayCruising, consists of areas, both outdoor and indoor, where people meet for the purpose of having hot meetings. You go walking or by car, and if you like someone then comes over and jump, there's not much preamble, it is easy, everyone goes to so far, and almost no one leaves unsatisfied, because there for all tastes and colors.


There are many cruising areas, sites are often closed or nightclubs and gambling dens of small and little-publicized, public baths or shopping centers. Outdoor parks and parking are paragraphs or without much traffic, where the people nude New Blackffered as best that have and they waiting for someone to wink one eye and go to another site to satisfy the sexual desire, sometimes not far from there.

All this comes with moralizing included. To what extent can dehumanize us to give us everything and go as a cruising area to get to the crest of sex with people who do not care or the name?.

The cruising is too frivolous?, I think you can meet people for a hot session, and it is lawful, but the people who frequent these sites usually have a little addiction to adrenaline and the unexpected, sometimes even the recognition, so they brag, and speak of the amount of guys that have thrown in a weekend.

They really enjoy street release? You can enjoy something so cold? It is very difficult to answer, it is clear that each has a conception of the facts, and each therefore may give an answer to this question.

In my opinion this comportment is usually done to a lack of many kinds of necessity, whether loving and affective aspect-friendly. Since in these places is very common as they are known, and many of the regulars are frequent customers, and hence, make "friends" and hang out.


crusing gay






I also think that creates "addiction", failing to stop, wanting to taste something new, something better, higher, or more heavy or more dark or more blonde or they have it like a horse ...

The truth is that the "love" never going to find there.


xxxcrusing gay


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