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Costumes for Halloween

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Peter Panthy halloween 275x212Halloween is a festive time for all, especially gay and bi men. It's an opportunity for us to let loose and fulfill the fantasies we've had all year long.

A growing number of people positively believe that one should act out their fantasies any time of year, but for those not quite comfortable, Halloween gives them permission to be anything they want to be free of criticism or ridicule.

Costume Discounters

So dust off that super hero costume you've been hiding or that kinky mask you bought on sale at the sex shop and enjoy the festivities!

Fireman or Fire Truck (For the really creative ones!)

Even before the heroes of September 11th, these costumes were a hot commodity in the gay community. Watch your back, there will be more than a few flames put out (or turned on) by these heated men.

Police Officer

Hand cuffs, a tight uniform, and that sexy traffic ticket book - what more could you ask for? Protect your neighborhood this Halloween. You never know, you might be able to arrest a person or two.

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Wonder Woman

Scenario: You're 13 or 30 and you're coming out. You think back to the one super hero you've always wanted to be- Wonder Woman. Within a microsecond you remember fantasizing about what it would be like to be this sexy diva and the places you would fly in your new invisible jet. The time has come to live this dream. Just make sure your lasso really has the power of truth before you ask that special someone where he was last night.


A classic gay Halloween costume, the sailor outfit will be a definite at many parties. Ships !

Doctor or Nurse (for those feeling frisky)

This is a great time to play out that fantasy of your medical professional also becoming your love interest. Be sure to wear as many medical accessories as possible, you never know who may need a little love healing.

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Cowboy & indians

Another "will see" on this fun-filled day. You never outgrow the dream of being free and wild on a cattle ranch. Some kids dream of getting the pony for the holidays, others dream of getting the cowboy!


"I want to suck your..." Blood! Blood!

This is a family site, remember!
The vampire with it's many variations is always a great choice for a festive and gay Halloween.
You can be anything from Brad Pitt in "Interview with the Vampire" or Aaliyah in "Queen of the Damned." Use fangs with caution.


Well, I guess if the real Madonna can't sing sweet nothings in my ear then an impersonator will do. The ultimate diva has inspired many to be free and express themselves. Be this sexy superstar and get a free pass to an endless night of fun.

Super heroes, Greek, gladiators,movie characters,Roman or gods of the mythology.

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