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The Bare Chest Calendar and Team BCC exist for one pareja gaypurpose – to raise vital funds that support the missions of our beneficiaries.

What is the Bare Chest Calendar?

A fun and dynamic fundraising project based in San Francisco. Since 1985, the Bare Chest Calendar has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resource Center.

Are you eligible to compete?

If you live in the Bay Area, are 25 years or older then you are eligible to compete. Candidates who are male identified of any race and body types are encouraged to compete. You need only possess an interest and willingness to appear on the Calendar and to promote and fund raise at activities throughout the Calendar Season. The Calendar Season begins in May and ends in December.

Can you just show up and enter on the night of a
Semi Finals Contest?

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No. The first step of the process is to a no-commitment, private Orientation. The purpose of the Orientation is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about competing. Orientations are scheduled on select Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons January thru March. There are seven steps to the Contest process. See the back of this newsletter for complete information.

Will you have to get on stage?

Yes. Part of the Semi Final Contest includes an on stage interview with the emcee. This allows the judges a chance to evaluate how you present yourself in a public situation, as Calendar Men become spokespersons for AEF, PRC and Miller/DBI. The contests are geared to be an enjoyable experience for all Contestants.

Do you have to have a big, "flawless", hairy chest to get selected for the Calendar?

No. This is not the ‘Big Hairy’ Chest Calendar. We are looking for attractive, fun and committed guys, who have the enthusiasm to raise much-needed funds for those in our community living with HIV and AIDS, the integrity to honor their commitments, and the willingness to show off their chest. If you’re a friendly guy, who likes showing off, this could be just the fund raising opportunity you are looking for!

How will you be scored at the Contest?

Scoring for the Semi-Finals is based on five categories: Salesmanship, Overall Participation, Stage Presence, Responsibility and Raffle Sales Amount.

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What kind of commitment will I need to make to compete?

The Calendar Men commit to attend the mandatory fund raising events between May and December. Additionally, there are other required events and/or meetings that help make the year run smoothly including: Calendar Man Handbook Review, Sales Training, and regularly scheduled ‘Team Building’ meetings. We strongly recommend Calendar Men only make the commitments they can keep. You do not need to commit to all mandatory/required events to compete. If you know at this time you can make most or all of the mandatory/required events, then we welcome you to compete. Once you become a contestant please remain aware of other commitments you make that might conflict with your possible commitment as a Calendar Man. You will make a final commitment to the mandatory/required events when you become a Finalist.

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