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Making the right connection with someone usually takes place within the first minute (some people say pareja gayup to 4 minutes) of meeting them. Contrary to what you may have been told, the chat up line comes way down the list in what a potential partner looks for. Here's Tips How to Be Irresistible:

1. Be a Mirror. Mirroring simply means that someone is immitating many of the actions of the person in their company and the more they like each other the more it tends to happen.

For example, when you lean forward they lean forward or when you sip your drink so do they. Invariably the actions don't coincide exactly but often within 30 seconds or so. Subtlety is the key. It will go badly wrong if you copy people parrot fashion or imitate actions such as scratching or nose picking. Experiment!

2. Blink more. An increase in the blink rate tends to mean someone is coming on to you. If you try increasing your blink rate you may find the other person starts to mirror - this could be a good sign.

3. Use your eyes. The more intimate we are with someone the more likely it is that our gaze shifts further around their body. With someone you don't know (or don't fancy) gaze is often restricted to the eyes and nose area. With friends or relatives our gaze tends to widen to include more of the body (but not staring - that's a no-no). Gazing a while at someone's mouth when they are talking is very flirty. men and computer

4.Psychologists and others believe this gesture links us to our past and is very similar to the eyebrow flash used by monkeys and the great apes. Basically it's a greeting in the first instance, but if you extend it slightly to say a second or two when you catch their eye, you are sending out a subtle sexual signal (or maybe they are).

5. Face on. People who like each other tend to 'proximate' face on. If we stand too close to someone we tend to compensate by rotating ourselves to a 45 degree angle. Face to face contact at too close a level can be intimidating, but pointing at the other person (with feet, legs, hands) often occurs at a subconscious level. For added comfort we sometimes use props (like facing the other person over a table).

6. Group behavior. The important things to remember are never to jump to conclusions and never jump in. The so-called 'rule of four' may come in useful here. If you see clusters of behavior like folded arms, leaning back, frowning and tight lips, it's a pretty good indicator that you've displeased someone. Regard the flirting signals in the same way. Relationship building takes time and can be fairly fluid.

cyber  men7.Use body language to hint at your romantic intentions. If things are going really well, you might want to try to break the touch barrier. Touch his or her arm briefly and gently as you talk. Or be more assertive and hold the person's hand when you cross the street, or if walking to a seat or a table, lead them by gently holding their arm. Touching in this manner helps break a "personal space" barrier. Pay attention to red flags, because some people have "personal space" issues and you don't want to make them uncomfortable. It is also essential to keep the hands warm. The touch with a cold hand unconsciously makes the person judge you as frigid. Have in mind that seduction is a synonym of body warmth!. In any case, proceed with caution, and back off if you get negative or mixed signals from the person.


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