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Truths and lies of cyber lovers


When someone enters Internet, the situation is in front of a screen go to the anonim opportunity to connect cyber lovewith another person (person, group of persons) who are in front of another screen in kilometers or meters away.

Not weighs both the remote but anonymous. In reality principle and as clear with whom one never knows this is linked either as who is on the other sid.

For example, in a chat, it's easy to lie.Some do it as a form of fantasy, some for fun Tom hair to other boaters and others do so to deceive.It's easy to find scoundrels of all sizes.

Within the scope of wildlife internauts are also real social and mentally ill who use the anonymity that the Internet represents, to let emerge after the mask of a screen, worst of himself.

On the Internet has plenty of shark, ghosts, and all kinds of vultures looking element pigeons and fish tender.

It is possible that someone you know over the Internet try to exploit you. You may construct a false identity, harass you in cyberspace, or to insist meet in person. We may also try to manipulate your emotions and your sexuality.

Internet can be a formidable tool for exploring the world, especially if you're a teen gay or lesbian a teenager. However, it would be a good idea to begin exploring the Internet without being properly prepared. It is applying basic principles of reflection, that is to use minimally intelligence and ingenuity of not sinning.

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People are not always who they say

On the Internet, people communicate in a manner that allow deception.A man of 40 years can pretend to be a teenager.A married man can go through single.There are many people who are removed when kilos indicate weight, or are removed years when they say age.

If you are a teen gay or lesbian teenager, can be very liberating found on the Internet to other boys and girls like you.You can meet new friends who understand your situation and feel identified with your experience, and all these factors combine to make you trust the person who is the other side of the screen.That's why it is that you must be careful.

A good trick is often faced with a statement of unknown interlocutor, preempts "That says." For example, if the person with whom or chatting has contacted these claims to be "engineer", when repite yourself, add this "prefix."The information becomes "He said to be an engineer."

And it is clear that there is much difference between "being" and "be saying."Be careful if you decide meeting in person

Never des your name, your phone or your address to a stranger.On the Internet people are using related names or nicknames "(nicknames).

Never give your full name, your phone or your address to a stranger. On the Internet people are using related names or nicknames "(nicknames).

men and computerBesides using e-mail addresses that do not reveal where we live.

If after chatting with someone often become friends and decide to meet in person, comes with great care.Never give quotation in a house or a hotel.Do not accept if it were offered to switch to seek.

Encuéntrense in a public place, preferably during the day.Choose a crowded place and is well-lit (for example, a shopping mall or a coffee).

Before leaving to meet your friend, avísale your family or someone you trust where you are.Use your own transportation, and make sure you have money set aside in case things do not go as expected and have to go back to your home earlier than planned.

Although already known to the person on the Internet, in many ways is not as if we know it.You need to invest time to gain confidence and know to start again.Start your relationship doing fun things in public places, surrounded by other people.For example, they can go shopping, go to the cinema to watch a movie, or do group activities with other youths.The activities of this kind are a great way to meet the other person.Cited in public places several times before going to his house or yours.

Says Peter Panthy: I think this goes more note addressed to inexperienced guys. I for one I use the whatsapp, skype and I receive invitations to departments without problem. Many programs already have GPS and either can know where is each one.


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