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Aphrodisiac for eroticization


The word aphrodisiac dates back at least 5,000 years. Derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, aphrodisiacs include drinks, food, smells, afrodisiacos cena gayherbs, chemicals and other substances that increase the human libido.

There are hundreds of products well known for its properties as aphrodisiacs, charms, for their ability to behave as a sexual stimulant.

Food: anchovies, oysters, caviar, lardo, liquorice, chili, curry, chocolate, frog legs, ostrich meat, truffles, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, hazelnuts, strawberries, rose petals cándidas.

afrodisiaco icecream gay Drinks: alcohol and infusions aphrodisiac.

Odors: perfume and eau de toilette containing musk or chemical hormones.

Products quacute; monkeys: Viagra, DUS and other formulas based intensifier hormone.

Natural products: Virilplant, ginseng, Miura puama, medieval herbs (Henbane and Periwinkle), Mandrágora, Catuaba.

Others: rhinoceros horn, deer sperm, essential oils, crystals, flower essences, music, mysticism and gemstones.

While natural products are normally exempt from secondary effects, chemicals are always exposed to secondary effects more or less important and medical contraindications.

Despite this, producers and promoters sell these products on the market and earn millions, but are protected legally using legal clauses discharge responsibility.

Aphrodisiacs and the six senses

higosThe aphrodisiacs can influence you're senses individually or in combination with each other. The most important recipient of aphrodisiacs are: vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and last but not least, the Mind.

That you believe him or not, there is evidence that some reputan famous aphrodisiacs. Some doctors admit that different species of herbs and plants are known to increase sexual desire.

Other doctors used herbs and natural products in their clinics. Crean that natural products, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can improve . sex life of each individual and treat impotence and frigidity.

Aphrodisiacs and Communication

The communication may prove the best of aphrodisiacs. Being able to communicate closely with their own partner, to inform each other of their mutual desires, is revealed to be a more powerful aphrodisiacs.

The ability to interrelate with another person in sight, is undoubtedly an aphrodisiac sex.

Kitchen and aphrodisiacs

icecream gay hairyIs there really cooking aphrodisiac? Can food really be aphrodisiacs? The answer is yes: there is an undeniable correlation between bed and table.

"The combination of different sensory reactions - the visual satisfaction verse appetizing food, the olfactory stimulation of their pleasant smells and tactile gratification that is offered to oral mechanisms by rich and tasty dishes - tend to drive to see a state of euphoria generally favourable to sexual expression. "

(Excerpt and translated from the Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Men always tried to discover the sexual power two foods. They have analyzed, studied, worshipped and tested any form of aphrodisiacs ingredient that could contribute to their sexual satisfaction.

A plate choke, some ingredients with an undeniable power aphrodisiac, a sexy drink, a minimum of decoration, a little imagination and creativity and the result is guaranteed.


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