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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


hombres brasilThe Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1723.

As the parade is taking place in the Sambadrome and the balls are being held in the Copacabana Palace and beach, many of the carnival participants are at other locations. Street festivals are very common during carnival and are highly populated by the locals.

Elegance and extravagance are usually left behind, but music and dancing are still extremely common. Anyone is allowed to participate in the street festivals.


Bandas and bondos are very familiar with the street carnival especially because it takes nothing to join in on the fun except to jump in. One of the most well known bandas of Rio is Banda de Ipanema.

Banda de Ipanema was first created in 1965 and is known as Rio’s most irreverent street band.
Incorporated into every aspect of the Rio carnival are dancing and music. The most famous dance is the samba, a Brazilian dance with African influences. The samba was created by the African . The samba remains a popular dance not only in carnival but in the ghetto villages outside of the main cities.

These villages keep alive the historical aspect of the dance without the influence of the western cultures.Other dances include the lundu, the polka, and the maxixe.

rio de janeiro gayThe samba is the main dance of Rio Carnival but it is not performed in silence. Music is another major aspect of all parts of carnival.

As stated by Samba City, “Samba Carnival Instruments are an important part of Brazil and the Rio de Janeiro Carnevale, sending out the irresistible beats and rhythms making the crowd explode in a colourful dance revolution fantasy fest!”The samba that is found in Rio is batucada, referring to the dance and music being based on percussion instruments. It “is born of a rhythmic necessity that it allows you to sing, to dance, and to parade at the same time.”This is why the batucada style is found in most all of Rio’s street carnivals.

Street parades, blocos and bandas take place throughout the city of Rio during Carnival. There can be more than 300 bandas taking place at any given point in time. While the biggest street party takes place right outside the Sambadrome, the largest organized street dance is typically found on Cinelândia Square in Rio’s Centro.

carnal gay Rio de JaneiroThe Sambadrome on Avenida Marques de Sapucai is the center of attention of the Rio Carnival . The Samba Parade is well organizadoy him the competitive spirit of Carnival is observed when the samba schools compete for the coveted title of Champions . Each year , schools are a great show and the Rio Carnival 2014 promises to be even better. Samba schools or Access Group Gold Group Parade on Friday and Saturday of Carnival, in an attempt to achieve a prestigious position among the top 12 samba schools the following year. You can expect the most spectacular show of the samba schools at the time seeking the highest score by the judges. On Sunday and Monday of Carnival competition intensifies to the maximum with the competition between the top 12 samba schools but even then not one iota of companionship is lost. Every day 6 schools represent their best performance in order to attract the attention of the judges. The results are announced on Ash Wednesday and the following Saturday parade 6 best samba schools last .


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