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mature gaysWhere you are around of the 50, looking for love and dating is getting more complicated than when you're younger. Here, a short list of tips that will allow you to go in the right direction and know that age is not an impediment to having a relationship.

Posted by @ Juanjo_Mateo

1. Face your fears. You are never too old to find love, but that's not a message that gay men hear often.


maduro musculosoIf you think you are too old to be in a relationship or did not believe that you can find someone to love, who loves you back, think again. Maybe just stopped believing in the kind of love that can only be naive to have when you are young. But what happens to love deeper, more mature, which allows broad spectrum of experience and truth?

2. Embrace your new reality. Concentrate on what you have earned (rich experiences, achievements, survival skills and wisdom). Your boyfriend will benefit from all that, and passions of life that are before you.

Give up the desire to go back in time. Yes, it is important to take care of your body and your health, but do not obsess. Instead of trying to be 25 again, get comfortable in your skin. Feel good about your body. Think more about keeping a twinkle in the eye and less in the fight against wrinkles around them.

3. Choose wisely places to be. Do you have qualms about entering a gay bar in which you feel more out of place than Lady Gaga buying clothes in a mall? Get off the band and participates in your passions and interests. For example, if you like the outdoors, join a group of gay hiking and walks, while men know as are you, enjoy fresh air and exercise practices. And if you have not ever, try to find internet dating, which is bringing new hope to those who do not have a lot of time or do not want to spend the night in bars.


4. Be aware of what you are. One of the advantages of age is self-awareness. When you know better, you can quickly know what you want and looking at the other person. Now you are faster to evaluate whether he seeks the same level of relationship you, whether casual as if it is compromised. You acknowledge at this point in your life imbalances that can have a relationship faster than before, when you were younger. But that does not mean you have to be rigid and inflexible. Keep an open mind and try to broaden your horizons.

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5. Understand that you can be happy alone. No need to swear that it is difficult to be gay, single and over 50. There is more attention to get into a committed relationship than there is in making sure that is correct. Sometimes, being alone does not have to be bad, if you find a pair that involves better way. Especially at this stage of life, why do you want a relationship that brings you unhappiness?

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