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The scent of sex

In sexual matters you thought that surely the sculpted bodies and sensuality were irresistible magnets. But tell us now that sex appeal is really natural substances called pheromones


Pheromone is a word derived from two Greek words: pheran (transfer) and Horman (to excite). scent of manThis substance is produced by animals and affects the reproductive behavior of another animal of the same species, and acts at a distance.

Since 1870, when the French naturalist Jean Henri Fabre discovered male moths flying from miles distant to visit a female moth caged in his lab, scientists have gathered research on the effects of pheromones on the coupling of different insects and animals.

It was not until 1986 that Dr. Cutler director of the Athena Institute in Pennsylvania, found the existence of human pheromones and began




documenting its effects. In humans, pheromones are activated at puberty. Men and women produce varying amounts of pheromones "male", androsterone and androstenol.

Produced by the apocrine glands in the armpit and around the genitals pheromones send signals that are received by the national vemeronasal (VNO), located inside the nose.


scent and sexThe VNO passes these messages to the brain that governs the most basic human feelings such as joy, anger, love, hate and sexual arousal.

Although we are not aware of the pheromones of another person, we can not "smell" in the traditional sense, they have a major impact on us. Kindle the sex drive.

For his early studies Dr. Cutler was collecting sweat from the armpits of women and men 20 years or so, removing bacteria and odor, and using the extract. Studies since then have shown some amazing results.

A group of 38 men, were added a solution of alcohol and perfume pheromones to regulate. None knew what had been given.
After 8 weeks of using the colony, 47% of pheromone users reported having had more sex than usual, compared with only 9.5 percent in the placebo group.

There perfume concentrates that can be added to your cologne or after shave lotion. You can experiment by applying it to your clothing and skin.
Both methods have different effects.

Due to body heat to spray on the skin evaporate quickly, so used to instant action, immediate attraction. Bacteria and perspiration of the skin surface and rapidly cleared away to pheromones.

el aroma sexual

In contrast, the sprayed on the clothes produces a longer lasting effect and prolonged. But depends on the material of the garments that you use.

How effectively differentiate a product that promises a colony ineffective solutions and does not provide any results?

When you buy the product should ask these questions:

1. Is the money I spend I guarantee it? Most reputable brands offer this.

2. Does the product information clearly indicates that pheromones are present, what type they are and how much come from? There are different blends, but look preferably androsterone and androstenol, and for women the copulina.
3. Are the results publicized it?

There is a resemblance to the common fragrance: it seems that various pheromone formulas can act differently in each individual. Therefore, it is advisable to experiment with the different product types to find the right one for you.


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