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Taking regular care of the skin is in fact much the same as taking care of hair.An effective skin care discipline involves cleansing, toning and conditioning routines carried out with religious regularity.


The type of products to be used however depends on one's age.As one gets older, the skin tends to dry up, mild cleansers with more moisturising efects are to Hombre brazos peludosbe used.

Today there are numerous skin care products for the modern man.
Apart from skin cleansing/ toning / moisturising, men can go in for the rejuvenating face masks which work wonders on the tired skin.

There are Facials especially designed to meet the demands


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and specific needs of male skin.There are many lift-off face masks, rich in botanical liposomes designed to prevent razor burn, sensitivity and folliculitis.
For men who are more prone to outdoor work, facial scrubs are a must.

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They should use AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acids) on their skin, and must use a suncreen regularly.Acne-striken skin also needs regular treatment.Most men simply consider visiting salons, parlours a woman's forte and thus simply ignore their problems.

But times have changed.Men have every right to look and feel as good as women do after a massage.
Skin Treatment According To Age Groups:


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A.20's-Mass market bar soaps contain deodorants and antibacterial chemicals. These are okay for the furry parts of your body. But you should never use them on your face! (Does your face really need to be deodorized?)Try glycerin-based soaps and aloe-infused shave gels that are nonabrasive and nonirritating. We recommend products that are allergy-tested. That means no smelly chemicals were added.

B.30's-The main characteristics of men falling in this age group are:
- Crow's feet around the eyes;
- Wrinkles appear where you neglected to use sunscreen as a youth;
- Little brown freckles (called solar lentigines) surfacing;
- Blood vessels appearing on the top layer of the skin;
- The skin, itself, somehow less radiant.Duller-looking.

Use plenty of sunblock to help to reverse early damage.


Better yet, indulge in a weekly facial scrub to remove dead outer layers of skin.

Gay supermanThis will slowly eliminate discolorations like brown spots, and also prevent the appearance of fine lines.For long-term skin care regime, check out those little wonders known as alpha hydroxy acids.Where do you find AHAs?

Try your fridge. They occur naturally in citrus fruits and other plants from which oils and extracts are derived.
For bath and body treatment, look into the glycerin cleansing bar or any of the body cleansing gels (citrus, coriander, spice, or eucalyptus-mint blends). These contain AHAs from a variety of all-natural sources.

C.40's And Beyond-Continue to apply your moisturizing sunscreen.Exercise, maintain your body weight (those faddish rebound diets will stretch your skin beyond repair).Drink plenty of water.And stop smoking. Whatever else you do, stop smoking.Dry, flaky skin is easily remedied with a daily application of body lotion.Pigmentation problems are solved with bleaching cream, if you really want to get extreme about it.And you can always zap those wrinkles with a healthy dose of alpha hydroxy acids, which are available in premium face lotions, cleansers, and toners.

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