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Top five beauty treatments for men
All you lovely lot out there needn’t think that all these savings on offer with the 118 118 Beauty Pass are only open to girlies. Health, wellbeing and beauty treatments are becoming more available to men and about time too. It’s just as important to look good when you’re a man, after all!

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With such a variety of partners on board now, it’s not just beauty treatments that have huge offers either. There’s fitness sessions, self defence classes, dentistry, alternative therapies, massage and much more that may be of interest to you blokes.

Let’s look at the top five beauty treatments for men and why all you boys should be thinking about trying them out.

1. Laser treatment

Men are more prone to excess and unwanted hair than us women, so it’s not surprising that laser hair removal appeals to them in a bid to tone it down a bit. Men also suffer the same skin trouble women do, from acne in teenage years to hormonal changes which have an effect, so why not go for it?

2. Tanning

Men have always loved the sun-kissed look as much as women, but now they’re actively searching out ways to achieve that appearance all year round.


A sneaky spray tan helps you look healthier and more sculpted, so the way I see it, it actually makes you MORE manly!

3. Teeth whitening

Don’t go to Towie proportions or you’ll look like Barbie’s Ken, but a little help will make your mouth look fresh, healthy, youthful and kissable!

Tratamiento facial gays4. Deep cleansing facial

Men’s skin is more prone to having blocked pores and blackheads, so it makes sense that it would be even more beneficial to have facials than women, if you think about it. It’s a great way for men to cleanse and hydrate their faces, especially as they’re probably less likely to have a strict daily skincare regime, unlike us girls.

5. Manicures

While some men will probably have been looking after their cuticles since they can remember, others might think a manicure is one step too far. But take it from me, it’s all part and parcel of the 21st century, OK? If you’re not down a mine or mixing cement or such like, noone will thank you for rough and dirty hands. Society expects our men to be turned out well if you’re to make a good impression, and having your hands in order is a bare necessity.

Can you think of any more great male grooming essentials? Please do let me know in the comment box below. I would love to be enlightened!

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