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His tool is bigger than mine?



blond manThe size of the tool has been concern of many men, from the beginning of time. Since the cave man, sprinkled with soil his genitals to reaffirm their manhood and sexual potency.

Most men worry about the size of its tool (cock). In the sixteenth century, Falopio, recommended to parents pull force of penis their children to lengthen. According to the idea the macho dominant in our society, the male member should be long straight and heavy.

This thought seems to be reinforced every time the man attends a adult movie, the men are chosen precisely for those best equipped. In the gym´s bathroom, turned his eyes towards his neighbor, unfortunately the most gifted. These facts are often home and / or reaffirmation of complex a poronguita (small penis), frequent complaint in the Andrology Service.

Much of the male population have some degree, usually mild, Bypass penis congenital towards side, without due cause for alarm.

This painting is called recurvatum penis, and only needs to be corrected-surgically-(Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!) When this is very important, difficult penetration.



By the time the deviation appears in adulthood, it is generally Peyronie's disease, in which the deviation is associated with a hardened plaque within the member and should be cause for immediate consultation.

Pennis sizePennis size

In medical practice we observe, however, patients extremely concerned about the normal manifestations of human variability, so far as to appear as major trauma.
These complexes can cause episodes of impotence of origin purely psychological, that before his reiteration take the patient to see, sometimes, after several years of evolution.

Pennis sizeSimilarly, the extent to which the foreskin covering the glans, the diameter or shape of the member concerned many patients, often without real reason.

Human diversity.
The tool has the same degree of individual variability in the nose or ears, without any concern for it.

Most of the time the patient referred has a gourd the size and shape normal (between 5 and 6 inches long in action), but extremely concerned about the size of the in the flaccid state.

The problem is actually in the mind of man and the loss of self confidence. In the absence of proper sexual technique, we found another factor explaining the failure in sex:

It is the length of the brush, which makes the artist, but the magic that he gets do ...

Pennis size comedy

Pennis sizePennis size


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