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hairy perfect manSelf-esteem is very important for healthy sexuality, but there are many myths that are harmful. What?

In our body, equipped with more than 400 muscles, various systems and an extensive layer of skin is what form the material from us. Like our clothing, and physical stature as a whole are also components of the image that we project abroad. All this has to do with a person's identity.

This involves how we see ourselves and how others see us. This certainly determined in some sense the self-image and may be related to security or insecurity to be taken. For example, an obese person who is not in line with his body, is likely to experience some regret when it comes to show their physical sex.

The car displayed with a poor body image, puts the person at a disadvantage. Ya no say on sex. This insecurity is brought to slopes from the moment he seeks a court, in O convivencias where we must show part of the body, for example, to go to the beach or in practice in any sport. Sometimes, a person who suffers from obese and anguish for his fitness, if you have a couple thin, feels inhibited in privacy.


Our physical, our home, when it is consistent with the image we want, gives us confidence, not only for sexual performance but to confront one's life.However, there are people who love her body rather than nothing.

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They forget many of the values we as individuals can develop, such as knowledge, culture and its human qualities.It is true that a body exercised, shaped by discipline and a proper diet, creates certainty, in addition to the virility and energy for the enjoyment of sexuality, but a person who achieves the abdomen with which always dreamed and So forget to greet his fellow gym by feel superior, is losing the human wisdom.

When the mirror is being sought so obsessively over and over again just to assert as \ "perfect \", then we are facing a Narciso of the twentieth century. Recall that Narcissus was a young man in Greek mythology really attractive. All admired his strong figure, a symbol of eternal youth.

AutoestimaEmbelesados himself, the boy was indifferent to it professed to love the beautiful maiden Eco. For much arrogance Goddess of love, Aphrodite what punishment, making them even more Prendes's own beauty.In a sunny morning while walking near the lake, Narciso was reflected in the water. That made him fall in love over him, who tried to embrace both; logically fell to the water and drowned.

A slender, athletic, healthy and with a positive attitude in all areas of their lives, is worthy of being imitated. In fact, this kind of thinking behind the production of many magazines of this type, but the people who focuses too much on your body tends to have serious problems of identity, as it loses its sense of reality and their own environment.

The self-esteem, respect and love for our bodies, personal development and intellectual coping, family, the couple and society are also very important areas that transcend beyond a single body mister universe .

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