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Hombre peludo corriendoThe cultural assumption that men want and need sex constantly is not exactly true. In fact, 20 percent of men have a sex drive so low that they are not interested at all in the activity.

The causes can be psychological, medical or chemical. Increases desire in men identifying the problem and then going to therapy, natural remedies or medicinal help.

Diagnosed if the problem is mental or emotional. Many men experience a low sex drive due to stress, depression, anxiety or problems with relationships.

Talk to a therapist. It is not the same as psychotherapy and psychiatry. Sex therapy is completely focused on the recovery of sexual enjoyment of men.

Include your partner, if you have it. Working together with sexual problems bring more trust and openness to the relationship.

Try any other mental or emotional problems you may be experiencing. You may need additional therapy outside of sex therapy to help you manage disorders of depression, anxiety or stress.


Looking for an adrenaline rush. Some men feel increase your adrenaline through experiences as racing cars, riding a motorcycle, mastering a sport or just shies away water, which in turn will amplify your sexual desire.

Work out regularly. Physical exercise triggers the production of testosterone in men. Any type of exercise will help. Instead of lifting weights, try swimming or playing basketball.

Eat foods that can increase libido. Oysters, chocolate, figs, hot peppers, avocado and eggs; all of them said that puts one in the mood. Although science is not conclusive, it is worth a try.

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Avoid soy. Soy products such as soy beans, tofu and soy milk have estrogen-like compounds, which could interfere with the way in which your body builds up testosterone and your sexual desire.

Limit the amount of alcohol you ingest. Drinking too much alcohol can collapse your testosterone levels.

Manage your stress. Try yoga, aromatherapy or write an intimate to decrease your stress levels and allow your sexual desire replace your feelings of anxiety daily.

Realizate a complete physical examination. There may be a medical problem that interferes with your sexual desire. Explain your symptoms or your lack of interest to your doctor, and see if there is any physical or neurological explanation.

Talk to your doctor about medications. If your lack of sexual desire is due to a drop in the levels of dopamine in your brain, you can raise them chemically.

Discuss with your doctor the side effects of medications.

Try a supplement that increases endurance and energy desire. ImpotenciaMany athletes take supplements that include fenugreek, an herb that can benefit your workouts inside and outside the bedroom.

Take a medication or supplement that increases your testosterone production. You can get a prescription from your doctor, or try an herbal supplement that is available in stores selling healthy foods or vitamins.

Remember to be patient. The desire of a man fluctuates depending on age, health, and other things that happen in life. A temporary loss of interest in sex is probably not something to worry about. If it continues, or if you start altering your relationship, get help.

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