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Signs that you are a in the closet

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Homosexuality is becoming a non-surprising relationship these days. But, still it is not widely accepted by the society. This forces most of the same-gender lovers to remain as closet men by keeping their identity.

Written by: Asha Das edited by Peter Panthy

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However, closet gays will show their colour one time or the other no matter how hard they try to hide it. At the same time, it may be confusing for some people to identify or admit whether they are same-gender lovers or not.

Most of the closet men try to hide their original desires, which may put the opposite gender in trouble. Realising and admitting that you are a gay man will be better for you and your future relationships. Most gay oriented people hesitate to admit that they are having a different kind of love relationships. Being in the closet will put extra pressure and mental strain as well.

If you wonder whether you are one among them, you should take a closer look at our character, friends, relationship and attitude. Here are some common features of the same-gender lovers which may help you know you are a or not a gay.

Not interested in opposite gender: Nothing will be more effective in making you realise that you are or not a gay than your desires.
If you want to be with people of the same gender and if your love fantasies revolve only around them, better know you are a closet gay guy. we agree?

Too much grooming: If you are taking much time in grooming, to attract others, it is probably because of that confused complex within your unconscious mind. Watch, whether you are getting into the style sense of your opposite gender or not.

Watch your friends: It is common to have a lot of friends with same gender. But, if you have one or more gays friends in your list, with whom you love to spend more time, it's time to know you are in the closet. You understand?

Flirting with same gender: Normally, whenever there is a chance, people love to flirt with the opposite gender. But, if you find flirting with same gender more interesting, chances are more that you are a same-gender lover. Chances are that you are a Cinderella and you will lose the shoe at give the twelve!.

Cristiano Rolando gayAttention from same gender: Do you try hard to get attention from the same gender? Then, watch whether you are trying to bring them into a relationship with you. If your answer is positive, then it is a sign that you are in a closet to burst.

Movie choices: You probably should know you are a homosexual, if you are not interested in common adult movies. Even though you talk and discuss all types of adult movies, your personal interest will be in enjoying movies of young with bare chest in anointing oil everywhere, steam showers and mud wrestling...

Social network: The world around you gets to know fast that you are a closet gay even before you realise or admit it. Watch the way how you are performing in social networks,applications, background colors, smileys and chat meetings, which will help you know you are in the closet or not.

Costume sense: You should know you are a closet if you are selecting and wearing costumes like your opposite gender, but trying to attract the same gender. Chances are again additional, if you are a perfectionist. Hiding the real you: If you are trying hard to hide your real body desires from the society, probably you know you are a closet homosexual. Being yourself is difficult if you are a closet homosexual.

Fantasies in bed: No matter how smart you are in hiding your actual sexual desire from the public, you will certainly fail on it in the bed. Your preferences in bed will bring you close to the reality that you are a closet gay.

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