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Better alone than in bad company

hombre rubio ojos azulesLoneliness is a situation that we aspire to become transient and should not necessarily be perceived as traumatic. We can mutate in a moment of reflection, know thoroughly and sincerely find our own identity.

There is a time to communicate with others and another (who needs solitude) to establish contact with the deepest part of ourselves. We "talk" with our fears, we can not ignore or remain blocked by them.

It is appropriate at times opt for solitude. In sum, balance the moments in which we express ourselves and serve others, and who dedicate to think in solitude, in our own stuff.

Hombre solo

Three characteristics define solitude is the result of poor social relations, is a subjective experience as one can be alone without feeling lonely or feeling alone when in group, and, finally, is unpleasant and may generate anxiety.

The solitude, without exception, is an unwanted experience similar to depression and anxiety.  It differs from social isolation, and reflects an individual's perception regarding their network of social relations, either because the network is weak or because the relationship is unsatisfactory or too superficial.  It distinguishes two types of loneliness: emotional, or absence of an intense relationship with another person we produce satisfaction and safety, and social, involving the non-membership of a group that helps the individual to share interests and concerns.  It seems, moreover, that loneliness is related to the ability of individuals to express their feelings and opinions.

Overcoming unwanted loneliness: some useful steps

1. Diagnosis: what kind of loneliness is that we are suffering and what circumstances they should.

2. Know well. Let us put aside the fear to look within ourselves and face the need to know how we are: our hopes and ambitions, limitations and fears, who want to be, how they see me, how I look ...

3. Out of shyness. Take the initiative to pursue new relationships. Establish what people we care, and develop a strategy to connect with them.


hombre sonriendo4. There is nothing to lose. Fear of rejection is a deterrent to making new friends or lovers. The goal is important, we walk on ceremony.

5. Without victims. The world is often cruel, vulgar and materialistic, I agree. But surely there are others who may be willing to meet someone like us.

6. Closed in on ourselves is to acknowledge defeat. Most loneliness hurts us, and we feel better having to talk to, and who want to get intimate.

7. We are not as rare as we sometimes think. One need only talk in depth and confidence to anyone to check. We can "fill" to more people than we think we can be attractive and many people who have very close.



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