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How to choose men's underwear?
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The man ever care more about their image and why not their underwear. What is the best model to choose and be fashionable?.

Today underwear has also become a concern of men. Although very few people have the chance to see it, no doubt that sometimes require special care, which must correspond with the minimum requirements of comfort for the rest of the time.


The desire to look good and appeal has spread, and the decision to buy a particular garment becomes a more planned seeking to better suit the characteristics of each, so as to provide the best comfort and image.

Long ago, the underwear was not a concern for men and used to wear the same kind of classical piece over the years, since the excess color or formats seriously deprived him of their appearance.
But no, the man today gives much importance to the aesthetic as women andare concerned about Man blue underwearpink funny underwearhaving the clothes that best suit your needs . Not only concerned with better designs, but also by the comfort offered.

Another factor that helps to choose is the opportunity for which you need to use the garment. That is, no consideration shall be as valid if it is needed to use in a sport, game or exercise, for work or for an occasional outing.

In general, there are three basic types of men's underwear, briefs, loose boxer shorts, boxer shorts and tight. According to a recent study, 57 percent of men prefer briefs, 18 percent prefer boxer firm, and 29 percent prefer the boxer spacious.
This study clearly indicates that a large majority of men do not follow fashion trends, preferring to stick to what they know.

Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of each of these three types of underwear. Help you choose the right one for you.


tres mucachos underwearThe slips are the most used but also those with the least consideration to the parameters of the current fashion. The first liners were established as mainstream fashion in the '60s, but is no longer the case today.

Its mass effect is explained by its practicality and comfort for everyday activities, higher than that of loose boxers.

The briefs provide great support to the genital area. It is therefore useful to use them to do some sport, or when making any activity that requires prolonged sitting, or when you spend much time driving. Are best suited for these occasions, and that fit the buttocks and remain fixed in the same place throughout the day.

For some people, the pants are too tight, preventing normal blood circulation. That depends on the texture of each one, because the spring can become too set in the groin or waist.

For those who do not wish to switch to boxers firm, there is a choice of more modern design briefs and fashionable.

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