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Mirror mirror Who's the cutest naked?

  Mirror mirror Who's the cutest guy?In the twenty-first century it seems that we all want to be stars, that our image is known by thousands, and have our own fan clubs.

A new narcissistic fashion invades the Web:

"Guys with phone", this is? There is a page where you can upload a photo of yourself taken with your phone, but it is not just a casual photo, you can find men of all ages, usually with spectacular chest and bodies, totally naked and showing his wonderful attributes to the mast or rounded buttocks.

Narciso fashion, as all are drawn in front of the mirror, most have done the work of producing a minimum, to get out as best as possible, the message is

Mirror mirror Who's the cutest?Mirror mirror Who's the cutest?

clear: I have this and can be for you ...

These (supposedly) are all heterosexual men to whom you can contact by sending messages that are published within the same page, qualified tocomment, and from what I read there, it seems that some celebrities have endorsed uploaded photos, which has armed its customers in an uproar (which I am sure the majority are men).

But that makes a heterosexual man, wants to see other heterosexual exposure, I even shared the same bathroom where the photos have been created.

Will we all want to be famous, be exposed to be an idolater, beloved ... We can not believe that all these men are not naive and know that once your picture on internet, she instantly travel to all corners of the universe.

While you can refer to a number of traits of normal personality, but the narcissism can also manifest as extreme pathological form in some personality

Mirror mirror Who's the cutest? disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder, the patient overestimates his abilities and has an excessive need for admiration and affirmation.

These disorders can occur in such a degree that looks severely compromised the ability of individuals to live a happy or good to manifest these traits in the acute form of selfishness and disregard for the needs and feelings of others.

In colloquial use means a love of self or vanity based on self-image or ego. The word comes from ancient Greek myth about the young Narcissus, of particular beauty, who fell in love insatiably of his own reflection in the water.

Selfie male fashion has arrived and it seems that with all the power. Raise your picture?


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