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hombres en hamacaMany guides make such great efforts to sell, that they forget to advocate for real travelers. Yes, it really is a beautiful route to the summit of Mount Magnificent and that island is like a small paradise come true for a castaway. But readers need to know if it turns out the way to the top of the mountain is frighteningly long indicating the guide or if the island is infested with mosquitoes.



Smile and be open and honest with everyone, they will be your next solution. Come from a good family, this will make number one easy. Be the first to visit a place. Fear is your friend. Money is everywhere on the planet, you will have money. Change all the time, adapt. Common sense. Do not try to change people, do not feel sorry for people. Share your knowledge with everyone that ask, however offer prudently. Recognize angry people and walk away fast, no regrets. Do what you like and not the guidebook or other people.


Save the world, people with a desire to stop problems in the world, Starvations, religions, or self appointed saviors of the planet, they are normally self-appointed victims, they will volunteer to be victims in another country, they are searching for problems. Alcoholics or drug users. People that do not read. Lazy. People that talk about sex, not the same a people that talk about pretty people. People that disobey the laws. Shoppers. Impatient people or people that complain about weather.


Best advice:

Say Hello, to all other travelers. You never know when you need help. Theft. Out of site, out of mind. Do not show people what you have. People steal what they can see. EXAMPLE: Walking around with a camera. Put it in a backpack. Always take a taxi, or bus, etc from bus station to hotel. Store you passport, travel check information in you e-mail box. Scan Carry a Padlock, Place it on a door. Put eyelet screw on door if possible or when needed, use your own lock. Do not look rich, dress, jewelry, tourist clothes, expensive backpack. Take long pants on all bus rides. Take lots of clothes. Take lots of pictures, its all that will remain.

Hotels: Best 10 Questions

handsome men beachLet me look at the mattress please. Do you have free water?
Do you have free breakfast? Do you have hot water showers. Do you heat with Electricity? Solar? Gas?
Is the hot water 24 hours a day? Do you have the hasp, so I can put on my own lock?Are the showers free? Can I bring friend into the hotel, or my room? Do you have cable TV? HBO, Cinecanal? Do you have a book exchange?

Save money:

Do not drink beverages, other than water. Electric Hot Plate to cook,  Guidebook for rooms. Water purification drops.
Take overnight bus. Rent rooms in hotels with free water. Travel, or share a room with a friend Wash you own clothes . Eat only 1 sit down meal a day and eat in market for the others. Stay for one month in each location and negotiate a price of room for 1/2 normal price.

How NOT to learn about culture:

Go to all the hotels that cater to you country, or owned by you country. Travel very fast, and only stay in a city two days. Go on all the tours.
Go to see the tourist sites, and not the people. Eat Pizza a lot, or Spaghetti. Go to Vegetarian restaurants. Drive a car, and never take the bus.
Never leave the resort. Get a guide that speaks your own language.


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