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Ecuador recognizes homosexual union

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Ecuador recognizes homosexual unionEcuadorian President Rafael Correa announced on Saturday that his government would allow same-sex couples incommitted relationships to register their relationships with the government in order to protect their rights and obligations

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

The South American nation of Ecuador has become the latest on the continent to enshrine the rights of committed same-sex couples,



hombre ecuadorwith President Rafael Correa announcing that same-sex de facto marriages would be registered by the state, while stopping short of allowing same-sex couples to officially marry.

Ecuador’s 2009 constitution bans same-sex marriage but also provides for the legal recognition of committed unmarried relationships and Correa has now announced that as of 15 September such couples will be able to register their relationships regardless of sexuality.

Gay and straight unmarried couples will be able to register their spouses on their official documents as being in ‘a union of fact.’

The announcement came as a result of an 18 August summit between Eucadorian LGBTI groups and the


President which resulted in a 22 August agreement with Ecuador’s office of civil registry repealing the prohibition of recognizing same-sex de facto marriages.

Ecuador recognizes homosexual unionIt is your right to register a de facto union between heterosexuals or same-sex couples - this is a constitutional right and, if denied, the authorities will take action on the matter,’ President Correa said Saturday, according to Ultimas Noticias.

Correa also announced that he had discussed allowing transgender people to update their documents to reflect their true gender in their identity papers.

However same-sex couples will still not be allowed to adopt in Ecuador, something President Correa has said he is adamantly opposed to.

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