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Guide Gay Paris

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French sailorParis is certainly one of the Top 3 travel destinations in Europe, and for the author of these lines it is the most beautiful one. Considering how many wonderful cities in Europe had been destroyed in the last war and didn't gain their former beauty and fame, yet, after 60 years, Paris is truly a treasure and miracle.

You could stay in Paris for months or visit Paris again and again, and you would still see other beautiful and interesting spots if you explore the city with curiosity and open eyes. Just stroll around a bit and do not only follow the routes in your travel guide book.

If you come to Paris not only to visit the Louvre and other sights but wanna dive into the Parisian life then try to avoid August. Many Parisians take their long vacations in August and some companies have even closed completely. In the gay scene, even the most popular gay clubs and bars won't be very crowded (or empty or closed if anything).

The gay center of Paris is the Marais, an old district in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris with adorable, narrow streets breathing centuries-old history. You'll find a lot of gay bars, cafes and shops here, as well as plenty of gay-friendly restaurants, most of them quite close to each other, creating a bit of a ghetto atmosphere.

Gay Parisians can be a bit difficult when it comes to flirting.


If you dare to show your interest to somebody in a direct way you could easily be seen as too needy, too easy or too cheap.

Our two Euro cents of advice: Don't waste your time with behaviour research to understand the rituals and peculiarities of flirting in the gay scene of Paris. Just do it your own way and don't take the Parisian rudeness personally.
Besides, it is often said that Parisian guys come and stick in groups. Exploring Paris with friends can really make a difference, both at day and at night.

Francoise Sagat modelo francesBars & Coffes

Cafe Beaubourg - 43 Rue Saint-Merri [Metro: Hotel de Ville, Rambuteau, Chatelet]. Gay-friendly cafe. Some people call it hip, other call it pretentious. With its terrace perfectly located facing the Centre Pompidou.

Open Cafe - 17 Rue des Archives [Metro: Hotel de Ville, Rambuteau]. Located in the epicenter of the Marais, this cafe is an institution and a popular meeting point of the Parisian gay scene. Very Paris atmosphere – for the good and for the bad.

Stuart Friendly - 16 Rue Marie Stuart [Metro 4: Etienne Marcel, Les Halles] .+33 (0)1 42332400; Coffee, tea, small dishes (French and Italian cuisine), Brunch (reservation recommended).

Tropic Cafe - 66 Rue des Lombards [Metro: Chatelet, Les Halles] +33 (0)1 40139262 With street terrace.

Alexander’s Bar Paris - 2 Rue de Marivaux [Metro: Opera,Richelieu – Drouot] Gay bar with opulent décor and intimate atmosphere for a mature and friendly clientele. The bar is named after French writer Alexandre Dumas who was born in this house.

Banana Cafe - 13 Rue de la Ferronnerie [Metro: Chatelet, Les Halles] Thu, Fri and Sat with Gogos.

Bear’s Den - 6 Rue des Lombards [Metro: Hotel de Ville, Chatelet] The honey pot in Paris for gay bears, chubbies and daddies. With bar, lounge-floor and disco-bar.

Cafe Moustache - 138 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin [Metro 4, 5, 7: Gare de l’Est] One of the oldest gay bars in Paris (since 1979). Beards & Bears welcome.

Le Central - 33 Rue Vieille du Temple [Metro 1: Hotel de Ville, Saint Paul] Longest running gay bar in the Marais (since 1980).

Raidd Bar ParisCox - 15 Rue des Archives [Metro 1, 11: Hotel de Ville] One of the most famous, popular and centrally located gay bars in the Marais. Clientele: jeans, T-Shirt, short haircut. Best between 19:00 and 21:00.

Cud - 12 Rue des Haudriettes [Metro 11: Rambuteau] +33 (0)1 42774412 Gay bar y club.

Duplex - 25 Rue Michel Le Comte [Metro 11: Rambuteau] Gay bar with monthly changing exhibitions, close to the Centre Pompidou. The clientele in this bar tends to be more relaxed and less competitive than in other gay venues in the Marais district.

Freedj - 35 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie [Metro: Hotel de Ville, Rambuteau] Gay bar and club.

L’Enchanteur Bar - 15 Rue Michel Le Comte [Metro: Rambuteau]Straight-friendly gay bar with jukebox and Karaoke nights in the basement.

MicMan Bar - 24 Rue Geoffroy l’Angevin [Metro: Rambuteau]

Man parisienMixer Bar - 23 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie [Metro: Hôtel de Ville, Rambuteau] Dance bar with live DJs in the middle of the Marais.

Raidd Bar - 23 Rue du Temple [Metro: Hotel de Ville, Rambuteau] Music bar in the Marais. At night GoGo dancers and international live DJs.

Le Scarron - 3 Rue Geoffroy l’Angevin [Metro 11: Rambuteau] Gay-friendly. Lounge and piano bar with exceptional interior and elegant salon atmosphere. Mixed crowd.

Le Vagabond - 14 Rue Thérèse [Metro 7, 14: Pyramides] Gay bar and restaurant for a mature clientele.

Wolf Bar - 37 Rue des Lombards [Metro: Chatelet] Gay bar for bears, daddies and wolves.

Le Yono - 37 Rue Vieille du Temple [Metro 1: Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Paul]

Sun City - 62 Boulevard de Sebastopol [Metro 4: Etienne Marcel] Big gay night sauna in Indian decor. In the same block as cruising club Le Depot.

Gay Saunas in Paris

IDM Sauna - 4 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre [Metro 8, 9: Grands Boulevards] Gay sauna on 4 floors; one room with a small gym.

Key West Sauna - 141 Rue La Fayette [Metro: Gare Du Nord]

King Sauna - 21 Rue Bridaine [Metro 2: Rome] Small neighbourhood sauna in the 17th Arrondissement..

Riad - 184 Rue des Pyrénées [Metro: Gambetta] Gay sauna with a touch of oriental style.

Le Steamer - 5 Rue du Docteur Jacquemarie-Clemenceau [Metro: Cambronne, Commerce] Clean men’s sauna in the South East of Paris.

Tilt Sauna - 41 Rue Sainte-Anne [Metro: Pyramides, Palais Royal – Gay night sauna in the center of Paris.

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