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Nudist beach in to Almeria

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It is possible to emphasize the Vera-Natura complex, paradise for the European tourists who practice the naturismo, with the only nudist Hotel of Europe.

Almeria playa 650x490

In order to lodge there is an important supply of apartments and houses in rent, in addition to hotels of the great prestige.

By the environs routes can be done of senderismo, espeleología, routes of bicycle and facing the sea activities like diving, submarinismo, windsurf, flight with motor...

Its strategic location allows to the traveller the comfortable accomplishment of itineraries by very next natural parks (Cabo de Gata and Mountain range of Maria), natural places of special interest (Karst in Plasters of You suck and Desert of Taverns)....

Beach Vera

Vera is an important crucible of cultures that includes two millenia of history, from Carthaginian Barea, the Roman and Muslim Barye to the birth of the present Side. All it has been gathered in the Municipal

Playa de AlmeriaHistorical File (one of most important of the south of Spain) and in addition reflected in the archaeological deposits to Villaricos (Barea, Barye) and the vestiges of the Hill Spirit Santo, where is buried Side "the Old one".

Under the Muslim dominion, the population was transferred of the coast to the interior, in the Hill of the Spirit Santo. It was reconquered in the 1488 by Fernando Catholic. The Christian army plants its real ones in the environs and there the Moors of the populations of the region will go to take fidelity oath.

In 1.494 Kings Cato'licos granted the very Noble title of and very Loyal City, fueros and recognition to him like city. In 1518 he underwent an extraordinarily violent earthquake, that produced 150 dead ones and devastated the population totally, reason why was transferred to the present site.

Playa de Almeria gayThree of the inhabitants who were, after the consent of Carlos I to reconstruct the city, sent an arrow and where it fell, they made raise the town. The new city was built in 1520 and had square plant, closed by walls equipped by eight towers with battlements. It was then when they rose the church-strength of Our Lady of the Incarnation, sober in the gothic-mude'jar outside and in his interior, the church of San Agustín, the hermitage of the Virginof the Orchards and the Greater Seat, heart of the city.

During S.XVI and XVII the berberiscas revolts of the moriscos and incursions cause the insecurity and the shortages until the expulsion of the moriscos.

In century XVIII, the attempts of modernization gave rise to the creation of the Society of Friends of the Country (2ª that believes in Andalusia and 4ª in Spain). Century XIX also was a hard time for the city due to the epidemics, the war against the French and the absolutista repression.

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Playa nudista de AlmeriaCentury XX brought to the municipality a new economic development of hand of the mining, in Almagrera Mountain range, of flourishing agriculture and, at the moment, of an increasing tourism and an enterprising industry.

Cruising and dogging on the beach in Vera
"Cruising gay nude beach in Vera. The area is the stretch of beach that is behind the Vera Playa Club also practiced dogging and group sex '

Cruising in beach and dogging Quitapellejos
"much gay all year, anytime, although, logically, a lot in summer or any time of night cruising mainly, but also doggin. Maximum movement on the beach (zora near shrubs, trees) and can be found also in parking "
Beach Cruising in Toyo-Airport
"cruising between the beach of the Toyo and the airport, take the dirt driveway just to the right of the hotel barcelo before parking. Dirt road and 5 minutes are on the beach. Lots of movement every day, anytime and boys, men of all ages. "

Gay Cruising in Playa del Borronal
"Gay cruising area far from the best of Almeria. From San Jose to Cabo de Gata, take road to Mosul along the coast and is the left shift to Borronal Creek"

Gay Cruising in Playa de las Palmeras
"Cruising gay beach of Palms, against black island. Be accessed by a path on the left from the road, before reaching Terreros.
there cruising and car-cruising is a naturist beach."

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