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Sitges is a tourist attraction known as preferred by the gay community, with a large number of beaches devoted exclusively to this community. Most of the beaches in Sitges are what are called mixed, where homosexuals and heterosexuals can be together, and others are exclusively gay beaches.


Stiges Gay PrideA very practical and comfortable way to get to Sitges is to rent a car in Barcelona and take direction to this very picturesque small town on the Mediterranean.
In regard to classify the mixed gay beaches, there is no application of regulations in these divisions, but this is how things have evolved over the years.

The main gay nude beaches of Sitges are:
Playa de Las Balmins Beach of Las Balmins
Playa in Cala del Home Mort
Clothing is optional in Platja Sant Sebastia and Platja d'Aiguadolc

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At night, on the beach 'de l'Estanyol'. (A 5 minutos del centro) On the day behind the gay nude beach (45 minutes from downtown)

It should be noted that, in theory, any beach in Spain can


be a nudist beach. It is very common that many people see a beach doing nudity but at the same time, a family enjoying a day at the beach dresses.

Stiges GaySimply it is advisable to respect those around you and accept your choices, either are dressed or not.

Parrots Sauna - Joan Tarrida,16 - Cabinas, Jacuzzi, Saunas etc.
Sauna Sitges- Espalter,11 - 938942863


Azul Sant Bonaventura,10 Bar music. Videos pornos.
B-Side Sant Gaudenci, 7 Bar musica. Sant Gaudenci Open daily. Good atmosphere and great people.
Bar 7 Nou, 7 Bar music. Mostly English.
Bar Amura Sant Pere, 3 Bar music. Darkroom. Open: 18:30 to 00:30. (0300 summer)

Stiges town

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Bears' Bar Bonaire, 17 Bear Bar.
Blondies 10 Bar small terrace in the area of the San Sebastian beach. Bourbon's Sant Bonaventura, 13 A modern music bar.
Cafe Sitges Sant Pau, 32 Cafeteria/Bar. Cafe high quality. Open all day.
Casablanca Pau Barrebeitg, 5 Bar Bear.
Comodin Taco, 4 Bar Spanish. Drag shows todas las noches en verano. Drag shows every night in summer.
Dark Bonaire, 14 Bar modern with good style.
Stiges gay peopleEl Candil Carreta, 9 Dance bar.
El Horno Joan Tarrida Oven, 6 Bar music.
El Piano Sant Bonaventura, 37 Bar piano.
La locacola Bonaire, 35 Bar music. Open at 19:00 every day.
Le Male CC Oasis, local 28 Open at 6 am, Saturday and Sunday.
Man Bar Sant Bonaventura, 19 Bar music.
Mediterraneo Sant Bonaventura, 6 Dance bar. Mostly young people.
Mojito & Co . Plaza Industrial, 1 cocktail bar. Terraza. Terrace.
Orek's Bonaire, 13 Bar music. Open daily. Good atmosphere and great people. Darkroom.
Parrots Pub 1 Plaza Industrial, 2 Bar and terrace. Open at 17:00
Parrots Pub 2 Plaza Industrial, 3 bar and terrace. Open at 11:00
Perfil Espalter ,7 Bar Music.
Prinz Nou, 4 Bar music.
Privilege Bonaire , 24 Dance bar high.Good music.
Queenz Bonaire, 17 A very cool bar. Good music. Fashion show.
XXL Joan Tarrida, 7 Dance bar.

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