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Ecuador - Sud America

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Most travelers to Ecuador come to experience the variety of landscapes, climates, cultures, fauna and flora that this small country has to offer. Many tourists will visit Ecuador only go to the Galapagos Islands.


However, the rest of Ecuador has much to offer. Ecuador has the highest population density of any country in South America and also has a high proportion of indigenous peoples with their cultures and languages. Added to that Ecuador has a tropical coast line with Guayaquil as Ecuador's largest city, snow-capped volcanoes such as Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, with a height of approximately 6000 meters, the market towns like Otavalo and highland Saquisilí, the historic colonial city of Cuenca Amazon rain forest, with its unique biodiversity, and a capital city, is practically in Ecuador that is a World Heritage site.

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Bars & Nightclubs

Third Millennium _ Baquedano 188 and 6 de Diciembre, La Mariscal. V Fri, Sap 22h00 - 03h00
BALZAK OPERA CLUB _Toledo and Lerida, La Floresta
KARAOKE BAR MAX TWIST_Foch E4-181 and Amazonas Ave.
BLACKOUT _Baquedano 222 and Reina Victoria
PK2 _Reina Victoria N26-32 and Santa Maria
SPARTAKUS _Unión and Iñaquito
RIL BAR _ Lizardo García E8-149 y Av 6 de Diciembre.
BOHEMIO 188 and AV. 6 de Diciembre, Mariscal. December 6, Mariscal.

Ecuador town

Open Fri - Sat, 22h00 - 02h30.
Mixture of gays and lesbians. Oldest gay club in Quito (the club is known by locals as The Hole). The decor and lighting is basic, but this album is very popular with younger boys. This disc has the best chance to meet someone. You can enjoy here, but it's very busy on Saturdays. This area is not safe to walk to take a taxi to arrive and depart.

Matrioshka _ Pinto 376 and Juan Leon Mera, Marshal.
Phone: 227-5617, e-mail:
Open Wed - Sat Admission includes a liquor + mixer drink or two beers.
Mixture of gays and lesbians. Medium-sized disk with a pleasant decoration and lights, and a little more class than bohemian. This disc is a popular social and most people in groups of friends or couples and children who were apparently very few loose. However, do not let that stop you people are friendly and there is no reason why someone should not know. This club is described as the best in Quito. However, when full, is very hot, stuffy and smoky.

Ecuador GayThe Cultural Cafeta - Pinto 521 and Av. Río Amazonas, Mariscal.
Open daily from 5 pm until midnight.
Popular service gay and lesbian bar with an art exhibition from time to time, forum, and movies. The owner and all the waiters and the waiters are from Colombia.

Dionisios - Manuel Larrea 550 y Riofrío, América.
Phone: 255-7759. E-mail:
Open Tues - Sáb, 21h00 - 02h00.
Exclusively-gay. The owners are Manuel and Daniel (who speaks English). Hay un bar y zona de discoteca. A bar and nightclub area. The decor is the only one worthy of a visit, almost all the walls are covered in a collage of images of young men to pieces, dressing and undressing. There is a DRAG QUEEN SHOW every Thursday and Saturday at 22h00, and other events every Friday night.

GetAwayGrey 1-1Bottle 160x600


APOLLO - 1027 and San Ignacio Gonzalez Suarez.
Phone: 223-2014 e-mail:
Open Monday - Sunday, 14:00 - 22:00, Friday until 24:00.

Gays ecuatorianosSAUNA AZUL _Foch E9-39 y Av. 6 de Diciembre, La Mariscal. Phone: 2221-697

SAUNA JINETES - Berlin 147 y 9 de Octubre. Phone: 2231-543



Waiting for all public, IS NOT GAY, but frequented by members of the gay community, that if full discretion. Hint Sat and Sun. Keeping a handle to identify colors in the pool. Address: Chillogallo.

To bind men

Ave. Amazonas between Ave. Patria and Ave. Cristobal Colon from Manolos pavement café/restaurant/bar at Amazonas 422 onwards.

Ave. Patria along Parque El Ejido (but not in the park) across the street from the Hilton Colon Hotel.

WARNING: After dark there is no area of Quito where it is safe to walk the streets, even the main avenues. This particularly applies to any of the parks, the old town, and the Mariscal area of the new town. Do not be tempted into unsafe places. Take a taxi everywhere you go.

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