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Guide Gay Venezuela’s Margarita Island

A New Gay Paradise. The Island or Margarita, or better, Margarita Island, is the largest of the New Sparta State Islands, one of Venezuela’s 23 states, which also includes the islands of Coche and Cubagua. It’s a Caribbean island, just northwest of the Venezuelan coast.


Playa Isla Margarita

At Margarita’s beaches, you can sample many local dishes, made with both fresh fish form the Caribbean and local meats. You can also enjoy a refreshing “coco frio” (fresh coconut), which the locals will open for you with a machete!

To reach Margarita, you can take a direct flight from Caracas or other cities on mainland Venezuela. There are also scheduled and charter flights available from many North American and European cities, as well as ferries from the coastal cities of Puerto La Cruz, Cumaná, and La Guaira.

The Gay Life on Margarita

There’s not a big gay scene yet on Margarita Island, but gay travelers are starting to take an interest in this undiscovered corner of the Caribbean – over the last two years, the number of LGBT tourists coming to the island has almost doubled.


Buzeo en corales There are now some gay friendly (and even primarily gay “straight friendly” inns on the island)

One such place is Carapacho’s Paradise. It’s a straight-friendly inn with a mostly gay clientele, in the heart of Margarita Island, just minutes from Porlamar – close to one of the most tranquil and beautiful beaches of the island. The Pousada is surrounded by green space, private and quiet.

Margarita even has a gay friendly dance bar where many of the shows are exclusively gay.

There’s also a large and growing LGBT community on the island, though it’s still pretty low key. The island culture is fairly gay friendly.

There are many things for gay and lesbian tourists to do on the island, and there’s even talk of opening an LGBT cultural center here, to promote the local gay community and encourage more gay tourism.

There’s also a gay friendly travel agent on the island – ItalacaribeClub (, run by Guido Rabà, who came to Margarita from Tuscany, Italy after leaving his job there as a contractor.

muchacho en el agua

The agency deals with both tourists to Margarita Island and with local real estate – if you’re moving to Margarita, they can help you find a place to buy on the Island, and the exchange rate is generally pretty favorable here. Although they specialize in packages for Italian visitors, they can work with folks from anywhere in the world – for vacation, transfer, or retirement. ItalacaribeClub is also very gay friendly, and is working to bring more gay tourism to Margarita, with special packages tailored to LGBT travelers.

Margarita is a great, less-traveled alternative to the busier Caribbean Islands – you can find whatever kind of lodging you want here, from economy to luxury, in the middle of a beautiful tropical island destination.

Clubs Bars Restaurants

Moskitook_ is the first option , end AV Santiago Mariño , with two rooms and exelente.Strepers attention , shows, dancers, d ecantos contests and many surprises, no mecionar the open bar .

Eleven_ hubicada in Av Santiago Mariño against texas shop , staffed by a quality staff

The beach Tifany_ urb el angel CC.Rattan behind the square at Av Aldonza Manrrique

Isla Margarita PlayaKamie Beach_ In varadero beach behind Diverland end Av Aldonza Manrrique where heteros are generally closet gay or straight they hechao palante .

Stigma_ Av Pampatar main straight where they generally closet gays or heteros hechao palante . sifrinos and snooty .

Moises Tropical_ Paraiso Restaurant in beach water , with a magnificent gay attention where everything will feel comfortable , cute men who care for you , exelentes meals and drinks.

Ambrosias Restaurant_ The Riviera CC where was Mr. frogs , run by its owners and Eumer Ulices

OPAH_ CC . Costa Azul above Brithish Bulldogs . generally straight , gay closet.

In Panare_ beach where the water will generally straight , closet gays or heteros , dreadlocks and nice people , perfect strangers for tourists.

The Nera bar_Este place is more humble , like a beach bar.

Club Boom_ La Avenida Aldonza Manrique behind Rattan Plaza ( Old Tiffany Beach). Playa El Angel . Nueva Esparta State . Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 pm . You can listen to dance music of all kinds.

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