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Guide Gay Acapulco

Acapulco is a charming city that has given life to the Mexican coast and is constantly growing.
Not for nothing is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, and its turquoise sea and beaches are a delight to relax and unwind in the sun.


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In turn, when comes the night Acapulco is transformed to provide full enjoyment.
For the gay community the possibilities are many, from gay friendly accommodation, beaches and nightclubs to make your stay unforgettable.

Acapulco BarGay beach in Acapulco, Mexico
Gay Beach is located between the restaurant Beto'sy Condesa Hotel, just off the Costera Miguel German. There is a bar and rental umbrellas and beach reposeras.La is a continuous erotic show of men and boys in thong, which apply to teach their bodies. The turnout Gay sits in the palapas that are next to Beto's restaurant to enjoy the view.
Just down the Condesa beach is an area known as "The Stones" This at a distance easily covered by swimming (depending on weather conditions) is a paradise for people who likes to watch, with young gay visitors from around proudly displaying their best qualities and, occasionally, sharing.



Gay Nightlife
Acapulco is full of bars and discos and all gays are to know, but a meeting point is in the Zocalo (the main square), where young people gather to have drinks and dance in its many bars.

Cabaretito Beach- Private Stone p.a. Picuda 17 Faced with the twin towers - 744 484 7146
It is one of the best concepts designed for the gay community, is a chain of clubs with the same name. The most remarkable thing about this place is you can dance, watch the show, celebrate your birthday or any event

Disco AcapulcoOther Factory - Sports Ave # 10 - 744 484 1800

The Galeon - Calle Jose Maria Iglesias # 8 - north of the Zocalo

Moons - Sports Ave # 10 Zona Dorada
744 484 1800

Pink _ Sports Ave # 10 Zona Dorada 744 104 2819

Savage _ Sports Ave # 10 Zona Dorada 744 484 1800

Zoom _ 110 Avenida De los Deportes Costera Miguel German corner, Between Pizza Hut and Restaurant The Mansion. 744 484-2255

Acapulco BeachDemas - Piedra Picuda 17 Tel 484-1370

Disco Olas- 216 Piedra Picuda

The Bar - Av 155 in Las Conchas (inside) Hotel Acapulco Las Palmas

Faces - Juan de la Cosa 32 Tel 484-1022

Las Puertas - Madero 7, 91 Tel 482-0142

La Rousse - Benito Juárez and the socket 4A Parranderías mix with (w /) strippers
Col Progreso around the Hotel Palace

Picante - Built Picuda 16 Almost next to the bar Demas. The bar opens daily at 9:00 pm. By many considered the best gay bar in Acapulco, although the mix concurrencuia usually be made. Do not miss it before you leave Acapulco.
Plaza Garibaldi (ex Plaza del Mariachi)
After hours Legaspi and (at) Diego Hurtado

Relax - Lomas del Mar 4 Tel 482-0421
Another very popular album in the harbor. The dancers show is only on weekends, and takes place upstairs, while downstairs in the bar are transmitted XXX gay videos. The show transvestite strippers are very good. The existence of this bar is young people.

Siluetas - Jose Ma Iglesias 7A

Le Club Tequilas - Tel 483-8236 29 Av Urdaneta

Trece Rosa - 2-3 Picúa Street esq (at) Coastal German M

Venus - Back from the gas station Cuauhtemoc Model (Model from arround gas station on Avenida Cuauhtémoc)

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