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Colton FordColton has blazed a unique path to the dance floor. Colton is in demand as a performer at the biggest parties across the country. Embodying the diversity that is dance music, Colton speaks about his journey.

Part of the interview by Ron Slomowicz

Ron Slomowicz: How did you get started as a musician? What inspired you to make music?
Colton Ford: I think I've always had it in me. I was performing and singing, ever since I could get up. When I started at school I started to get into music. I played the violin and guitar and subsequently started singing in choirs and all that kind of good stuff. So it's just something that I always felt and I always wanted to do.

Colton FordRS: So how did you pursue your the musical dreams?
Colton: When I got out of high school, my family really tried to dissuade me from getting into music as a profession, so I started going to college. I landed a gig in a dinner theater nightclub where they had six singers a night perform musicals and contemporary music. I got that gig and by the end of the semester my full class load was down to one class. I got into a jazz quartet and we opened for Wayland Flowers and Madame and David Brenner. We did Las Vegas and then hit the jazz club scene in Los Angeles. When I moved to Los Angeles, I was in a nightclub and heard Dawna Montell spinning. I befriended her and she heard my music and got me to a girl named Romey who actually has been my manager off and on ever since 1986. At that time, Romey was with Formula One which was Jon St. James' production company, and he did Stacey


Q, Bardeux and Louis Louis and they were looking for a male vocalist so I got a gig and had a single called "The Hardline" back in '86 or '87. I performed here and aborad and that really got me going. A year and a half later, I signed to Mighty Productions, which was a production company that Michael O'Hara and Denise Rich owned. At that time I was working with a producer who was co-producing Frankie Knuckles' second album and they were looking for a male vocalist, then I got that gig. I started working on that album but there was a conflict of interest with the record label Virgin. They were having a hard time with me being a white guy and being the front singer for Frankie Knuckles so I eventually got replaced by Adeva, but that was my first foray into major labels. Then about four years later I had another deal on the table with Virgin, interestingly enough, and so I started working on an album for that deal. Then there was a major upheaval at the label and I got shelved. In between that I had a deal in progress with Third Stone, but that company folded before the album was finished.

Colton FordRS: In that regard, how much do you workout to maintain that body of yours?
Colton: I'm on like a four day a week on a maintenance schedule which is still a lot of work. Four days a week for two hours each day.

Continuing to assert his penetrative talents on the dance floor scene soulful dance act Colton Ford re-releases his latest album, the masterfully produced "The Way I Am" in a "Special Edition" version that is sure to rally the interest of his enduring fan base. Now available on hard disc, the new version features all 11 original tracks, plus club ready extended mixes and 2 additional brand new hits, packaged with a set of sexy visuals tailor made to only enhance Ford’s heartthrob persona.

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