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Bailando (Enrique Iglesias song)


Enrique Iglesias"Bailando" (English: "Dancing") is a song by Spanish singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias for his tenth studio album Sex and Love (2014). The Spanish version features the Cuban group Gente de Zona and Cuban singer Descemer Bueno, while the Spanglish version features Jamaican singer Sean Paul.

Existe una versión en spanglish que cuenta con la colaboración del cantante jamaiquino Sean Paul. Obtuvo el número uno en la lista de sencillos de España, y en las listas de música latina de Billboard.

El video fue «Bailando» fue filmado en República Dominicana, dirigido por Alejandro Pérez; se estrenó a través de Univisión el 10 de abril de 2014.



Enrique IglesiasThe song was originally recorded by Gente De Zona. In an interview he gave to Univision Musica, backstage at the Premios lo Nuestro he told the reporter that when Descemer presented the song to him, he initially did not like it and did not want to record it. But after recording he loved the song. He termed it as one of his favourites from the album.


Music video

The official music video aired on Univision channel on 10 April 2014 and was premiered worldwide on 11 April 2014 through Iglesias' official Vevo account. The music video is directed by Cuban producer Alejandro Perez, under Enrique Iglesias' longtime collaborators, creative director Yasha Malekzad & executive producer Kasra Pezeshki. The music video was produced by Artist Preserve, London. The featured dancers are from Havana's Ballet Lizt Alfonso.

Enrique IglesiasThe lead girl in the video is Ana Karla Suárez The music video was shot in Dominican Republic. The video production in the Dominican Republic was produced by Aquiles Jimenez The video has been viewed nearly 80 million time as of June 4th, 2014.

The video starts with Descemer singing Bailando in the room with Enrique and Gente De Zona whilst Enrique performing some football skills. As the song starts Iglesias, Bueno and Gente D' Zona walk the streets of the city, surrounded by working people and kids who juggle soccer balls. Enrique and Co. are then seen performing "Bailando" in a tunnel, running through a street market and a troop of flamenco dancers showing off their moves. Shortly after, Iglesias is seen to be seduced by a sexy brunette showing her best dance moves. The video ends with Enrique and Co. running back after they hear police sirens approaching them.
Critical Response

Billboard described the video as spectacular and mentioned that a young Cuban flamenco troupe swirling in red dresses meet up with street dancers with some mad soccer skills in one of the best choreographed encounters since the Sharks met the Jets. Huffington Post also mentioned that the video has a little football and a sensual dance.



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