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SOUNDTRACK TO FREEDOM - New Studio Album by Sir Ari Gold. He (born February 11, 1977) is an American pop singer and songwriter. He is openly gay and regularly addresses both his being Jewish and gay, also starring in an autobiographic theater production, Ari Gold – Untitled: The Making Of A Gay Pop Star.

A personal, political, sexual and spiritual electronic album that plays like a soundtrack to our postmodern liberation and freedom.

Sir Ari Gold hatSOUNDTRACK TO FREEDOM by #1 Logo, Billboard Top 10, 3x LGBT Academy Of Recording Arts (LARA) Outmusic "Visionary Award" winning Recording Artist SIR ARI GOLD. Co-produced by one of Holland's premier electronic music producers Bob Sandee (aka Subgroover).

Music is the great healer. While all kinds of people listen to all kinds of music, theres no denying the inextricable relationship between the the LGBT community and dance music. If soul was the soundtrack to the black civil rights movement, if folk was the soundtrack to women's liberation, then dance music is the soundtrack to the LGBT movement for equality.


From 70's disco to 80's pop/R&b to 90's house to the electronic invasion of contemporary pop and EDM, we watched ourselves gain Sir Ari Goldvisibility, lose millions to hate and disease, win our civil rights, and find our way toward self love in what is arguably the preeminent human rights issue of our time.

I am honored and humbled to have been performing and prolific during this seminal time of struggle and progress as an openly gay artist with my own brand of dance music and balladry for the past 15years.


I've been writing and singing my songs from the front lines of this battle-not necessarily the front pages of the mainstream, but the rainbow brick road that was paved for me and others like me by those who came before-the artists, the activists, the drag queens, the dandys, the martyrs, and even those who had to live in secrecy and shame. Who is popular falls flat next to who made a difference.

Handsome Sir Ari GoldThis album is a tribute to our music history; the sounds and grooves that have been the background and foreground while we fought to set ourselves free. Feminists got it right: The personal has always been political-especially for those who have to fight for their equality. This is a meditation on my own personal freedom; freedom from fear, from oppression, from addictions, from the past & future, from my body, my sex & gender, from fame, shame and pain. Dance music is the soundtrack to our freedom. Share this choice for freedom for we are not free until we are all free. Reclaim our dance roots. Make music. Make magic. Make love. It's all this moment has. - Sir Ari Gold

WEBSITE: will be updated to reflect this latest project. With enough funds raised we can develop a Sir Ari app for apple.

TOUR: With the launch of this latest project, Ari will begin a new tour schedule continuing to perform at Pride & music festivals, music venues, clubs, colleges and will be continuing the development of his autobiographical musical with Obie winning writer/director David Drake.


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