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ecupid movieAmong the youngest, most "in" is the facebook, twitter, the Tuenti, the LinkedIn and a long list of names that make the social networks which can not fail to be. Knowing whether or menganita fulanito is pissing, can be quite an event.

No, this is not a hatchet to social networks, quite the opposite.


ecupid movie

Every generation has had its forms of contact and socialization but we can not admit all that, we have disrupted a little space-time continuum, that all / as we had in our lives.

"ECupid" is a movie worth watching for several reasons. One is that, clearly explains the impact of new technologies on our relationships.

After more than seven years of relationship and coexistence, Marshall (Houston Rhines) and Gabe (Noah Schuffman) live in your world partner in "happiness".

Many young people, when they reach the third decade, recapacitan on the approach of their lives. Questions like, why not study more? Why leave my previous job? Why being handsome / a I have no more chances? Do not get a job because I'm ugly / a? Am I fat / a-skinny / a? Why the gym does not make me anything? ... as you will understand we could go to infinity and beyond with all the questions that all / as we have considered some time in our lives.
Let's stick to the main theme that holds the film. When Marshall meets thirties, feels that his life has not been all that he wished and you know the saying ... "Careful what you wish for because it may come true."

This happens to Marshall, after installing an innocent application called "eCupid" to meet other guys through internet.


ecupid movieThe apparent need to interact with others, leads to Marshall getting countless meetings where stereotypes are all male.
Although this is not an issue at all gay domain, since it is clear that straight people enjoy more open advertising, including television, announcements about companies that create appointments, have reached a climax today.

Lack of communication, trust, jealousy or excess of them, possession, dependency (economic or emotional), rejection, friendship, false infatuation, infatuation frustrated, etc ... are some of the reasons why, in many cases, a person may be tempted to intervene in activities "cyber extramarital".

"ECupid", brings us situations where we have seen involved, to a greater or lesser extent and through an excellent script, immerses us in the most obvious question: Could it be that we want to return to our partner for fall in love?


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Says Peter Panthy

I love romantic movies, in this case with a mixture of science fiction and that put technology as a crucial character in the plot development. The performances, photography and script are very good, and at various times I saw couples of friends reflected in this fiction.
It's a film that rescues gay love and trust in a relationship of many years who unwittingly fall into monotony. Do not miss it, is very good!



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