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Los novios BulgarosA movie full of eroticism where sex is only an end to get anything you want. While the protagonist show us as a decadent gay poor guy doing anything just to have a man next door, not so bad. Smart, witty and endlessly sly, Eloy de la Iglesia's 'Bulgarian Lovers'is lots of extraordinary and unexpected fun.


holdingtrevor afiche With its themes of love, money, and what we do for lust, the film takes the viewer on an almost surreal journey through the life of the loveable Daniel (Fernando Guillén Cuervo), a wealthy, spoiled, middle-aged, but attractive businessman who falls for Kyril (Dritan Biba), a hunky, muscular, sexy Bulgarian.

Daniel is a well-adjusted gay guy who frequents the Madrid party scene surrounding himself with a bunch of fluttery gay men who constantly camp it up, swoon over the Bulgarian hunks, and chatter incessantly about their latest boyfriends.

Kyril is looking for a wealthy sugar daddy to look after him, someoe who can shower him with money and presents while also "fixing his papers" so that he can stay in the country. He sets his sights on Daniel and after having a night of all-consuming passion, where they share lots of hot, sweaty, and brutal sex, Daniel becomes hooked regardless of the fact that Kyril confesses that he has a fiancé. None of Kyril's apparent shortcomings seem to bother Daniel, who - while intermittently addressing the camera with a cunning, self-knowing little smirk - readily invites the Bulgarian into his life.

Kyril is obviously hiding something. And Daniel progressively begins to get suspicious when Kyril keeps asking for more money. Soon Daniel is forced to have surreptitious dealings with Eastern European mobsters and is asked to store a suspicious-looking black bag in his apartment (he's far too afraid to examine its contents in case he ruins his romantic sojourn).

Los novios BulgarosDaniel's emotionally masochistic tendencies become even more outlandish when he allows Kyril's beautiful fiancée, Kalina (Anita Sinkovic), to stay, and even accompanies them to Sofia for their wedding while also paying for their trip.

Daniel's obsession with Kyril lands him in all sorts of bother. Throughout the film he ruminates on the price that one must pay for love (and lust); he's part hard-core masochist and part impossible romantic, who is absolutely enamored with a man who, simply put, is a selfish opportunist who is merely out to make a quick buck by hook or crook, which includes robbery and smuggling. But the twist is that Daniel is far from the exploited, subjugated waif; he willingly chases after other boys, recklessly aids and abets his live-in stud, and even admits - to his friends and the viewers - that he does it because he can afford it, and faced with a man like Kyril, who wouldn't want to do it?

The performances are excellent and totally believable. The romantic and sexual encounters between Daniel and Kyril - which include full frontal nudity - are far more realistic and credible than anything seen in American film, gay or straight. The movie cleverly and without being overly preachy, examines the often-distraught interplay of sex, power and money with a breezy, almost comical attitude.

There's also a fine sense of social detail, which cleverly examines the sometimes-uneasy communal relationship that has arisen between the older generation of Spanish and the newer European immigrants. But the film is mostly worth watching for Dritan Biba whom, as Kyril, absolutely smolders on screen - his sexual charisma and magnetism is undeniable and most viewers will probably completely understand why Daniel becomes incessantly enamored with him.

Los novios Bulgaros

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