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Holding Trevor (2008)

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Holding Trevor 275x212"Holding Trevor" is a film that takes a look at the patterns we find ourselves in in life, and whether or not we can break free of them. In the movie, Trevor is trying to put a big chunk of his past behind him, namely his best friend turned boyfriend turned junkie. The movie starts as he is taking his ex to the hospital after an overdose.


Note By Jeff Walsh

Trevor spends a lot of time with his roommate Andie and their promiscuous musician friend Jake until he meets a hunky doctor named Ephram who offers him a new path.

holdingtrevor aficheThe movie follows more of an emotional arc than a story arc, in that we are mainly watching characters live their lives and seeing how everyone’s life has more complexities than we want others to know about. In an age where people are constantly hanging out, always connected and sharing their lives, when Trevor is stressed, he drives through the car wash and screams as the car is being soaped down. And when Andie gets big news, she also keeps it a secret.

The movie seemed to be more about these little moments to me than whether Trevor would be able to put his path behind him or not. It seemed to offer a slice of life ensemble experience that was fun to watch, although I do wonder if it is too slight to achieve lasting resonance. There were certainly moments that scratch at you, but it didn’t really have a specific scene that got its claws into you and made its mark.

I liked all of the cast well enough, especially Brent Gorski in both the lead role and writer of the movie.

He and Andie (Melissa Searing) has the meatiest roles, in that they had a bit more to chew on than the others. Jay Brannan of Shortbus fame played Jake, but mainly just had to serve up disaffected and promiscuous, which he did fine.


holdingtrevorAnd the old boyfriend got to play junkie and the new boyfriend got to play too good to be true. None of these are flaws, necessarily. Just that without much of a central story, it put a lot of emphasis on Trevor being able to let go of the past, which is essentially a mental process taking place in a visual medium.

Holding Trevor is playing select cities now, you’ll need to check the website to see if and when your city is on the schedule. While I had nothing against the movie, I don’t have a lot of drive to really get people to see it either. It just needed a little more something to turn it from average into compelling. They tried, came close… but just didn’t make it that extra little bit for me. But Gorski is definitely on my radar for future projects, there was something here, and what could have been a blah generic gay flick slightly rose above that. I look forward to seeing him go even further as he strengthens his voice as both a writer and actor.

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