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Behind Johnny Hazzard

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Johnny Hazzard suitJohnny grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. He was quiet, reserved and still managed to be a rebellious hellion with a secret heart of gold. Small in stature and a late bloomer it took him longer than expected to realize his movie star good looks would take him very far.

One day in 2003 it occurred to Johnny that he might be able to earn some extra money in the adult entertainment. Luckily for him, he already had a contact in the industry and it was only a matter of hours before he found himself on the phone with legend Chi Chi LaRue.


Kinky Boots on Broadway Tony Award Winning Musical


Johnny Hazzard

Chi Chi did not hesitate to give Johnny a shot and it didn't take long for them to develop an incredible working relationship. In addition to their rapport, Johnny's unique look soon earned him the honor of being "the face" of Chi Chi's company, Rascal Video. Not many actors get their mug on the cover of their very first project, but Johnny did and that trend continues.

One of the forces responsible for Johnny's fast track to becoming a gay icon is fashion photographer, Greg Thompson. Greg's spectacular work in the celebrity portraiture and fashion world was something Chi Chi wanted to apply to her stable of studs. Not satisfied with the low standard of typical photography, Chi Chi enlisted the artistic eye of Greg to portray the Rascal men in an entirely new and more exciting way. This endeavor was so successful that it spawned two coffee table books and exposed Johnny's face to the world beyond gay entertainment.

Johnny met Boy George in a New York club in early 2004. He was so taken by Johnny that he asked for his participation in the B-Rude fashion show. It was something Johnny never imagined doing - so he did. He was terribly intimidated by all of the other models in the show, which is something I found hard to believe. That's one of the charming things about him. In his mind he's still the little pothead outcast from Ohio.



This really isn't meant to be an actual biography. God knows I don't want to have to update this fucker every three months and that is probably what it would take at the current rate of interesting developments in Johnny's life.

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When you see photos of him or watch his videos you think, "Damn, this guy is just so freakin' hot!" and it's true. When you see him in person he is most likely going to be less glamourous than you expected, but you hardly have time to notice that detail because he is so warm and inviting. Chi Chi once called him a "little gay hippie" and I think that is about the most concise and accurate description of him to date. He's a little sex pot that loves animals, worries about the environment and treats his body as though it were a temple where people worship. He is all about art: Music, Dance, Food, Wine and an insatiable appetite for living life to the fullest.

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