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Valerio PinoThe Italian model and dancer, Valerio Pino, shot to fame when it came to light that had an affair with Ricky Martin from late 2007 until 2008 when the Puerto Rican had her children. (Can you image the two in bed?)

The Italian is known in Europe for their participation in the Supermodel of Four, in the reality show, Survivor and collaborate with Ana Rosa program TV.

The reporter of late night program on Antena 3 asked to Pino about her relationship with Ricky Martin,He react surprised at the question, and in the answer alleged that he had never spoken of his private life or what he liked or not.

When the reporter asked whether had lived in Puerto Rico recognized him, but refused to explain what had brought him to this country.


New Sept 2014


Valerio PinoIn 2008, Valerio is collaborator of the tv program "Channel nº4", invited to many entertaiment programs and participant in shows like "Pasapalabra" or "Clever".
Zeppeling and Cuatro make a big mistake of not having Valerio on Supermodelo 2008, causing the program to finish just two weeks of its issuance by the very small audience.
Entering the hot, Valerio surprises us with his single E-Style, a very special gift for his fans, they can take with them wherever they want via iphone, ipod...

After a well deserved vacation, Valerio returns to screens in the hand of the great Ana Rosa Quintana as collaborator of the AR program and "El programa del verano".
On 17 January, and after four years away from Italy, Valerio returns as principal dancer at AMICI, where we see the end of March.

After his new success "Amici", Valerio back to Spain but this time just for a moment.While he collaborates in Sálvame, Valerio prepares his trip to USA (NY) where he'll be a few months for improve his English and perfection his dance technique.

In August 2010 he returned to Spain with a new look and new theme PERCHE? The answer at this just he knows (by the moment).


Then Valerio  surprises us showing his human side becoming ambassador charity project "Child to Child Art" solidarity -driven platform Much More Group of Barcelona, in collaboration with the CODESPA, and through work done by children in many centers Barcelona aims to enable benefits of schooling children in Peru.

Begins the fall, and Valerio begins his life  between Italy and Spain: Sálvame  daily contributor, also participates in programs such as La Noria, ¿Dónde estás corazón?,  and De buena Ley, in Spain, and  Se a casa de Paola, Interno 138, Nientology   in Italy as well as being interviewed for numerous magazines in both countries.

Valerio Pino 2010 ends becoming presenter and choreographer of Pantene Hair Movement contest.
The 2011 starts with Valerio's participation in the Festival of San Remo in Italy as a dancer, and ends the year with the opening of his own dance school: Cosenza Dance Center, a project conducted with the help of his beloved family.

From 2012 to present, Valerio Pino is a television face

"I would be delighted to be the first gay tronista Women and men, and vice versa," It would not be surprising that this request came to fruition. The relationship between Valerio Pino and Mediaset Spain has shown clear on numerous occasions and now would only be a new way to give.

The Italian was released to the general public as one of the teachers 'Centerfold', the reality that emitted Four prior to its merger with Telecinco. This took a long name and a short time was the Telecinco itself that was interested in him to compete at 'Survivor'. He has also participated as a partner in 'Channel n º 4' or 'Ana Rosa program'.



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