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Victor Noriega out closet
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Víctor Noriega suitVictor Noriega completed his career Communication Sciences, but his career began more than 15 years. Although started as a model and singer with the group Garibaldi, the last years of his life was dedicated to acting with great participation in Soap operas.

Real Name: Victor Enrique Noriega Hernandez
Birthday: May 10, 1972
Zodiac sign: Taurus


Born in Mexico City, he started his career as a model. He then pursued a BA in Communications . At the same time he auditioned for a musical group and became part of Garibaldi from 1989 to 1998, in which he was one of the 8 original members.
The group reunited in 1999 launching a double CD.


Víctor Noriega jeansHe then started his acting career in Mexican soap operas. Later on he mixed his career as a host for several TV shows for UNIVISION and TELEFUTURA. He recorded an album as solo artist, but it was never released. However he continues to pursue his dream of recording and releasing a CD as a solo artist in the near future.
After leaving the group Garibaldi, became an actor in the soap opera with passion Grudge Aracely Arambula and Eduardo Santamarina.

His next involvement was Camila Bibi Gaytan and Eduardo Capetillo. Then along participate in Rosalinda Thalía and Fernando Carrillo. In 1999 was deceived in Mujeres Engañadasand in 2000 made his first star in the novel Por un Beso side Kiss Natalia Esperon.

He was also part of the cast of the novels La Intrusa and Entre el amor y el odio.
In 2002 she participated in Big Brother VIP, where Luis Gatica and he were the first to be expelled Nailea Norvind who stay inside the house, in that nomination.
Victor has not been away from singing because his dream is to sing as a soloist, meanwhile, in receipt of your hobbies that are going to the movies, going out on weekends with friends and reading.


In 2003 part of the cast of the soap opera Under the Same Skin, producer Carlos Moreno.
The second season of Objetivo Fama began in 2005. This season Roberto Sueiro judges, Hilda Ramos and Fernando Allende. The show was hosted by actor and singer Víctor Noriega and the Puerto Rican Cifredo Yizette.

In 2004, gets her first starring for Venevision in Miami Rebel Angel and also made a cameo in the limit Hearts


In 2005 alongside Susana González , also in Miami, starring in the soap opera Love is priceless. That same year , he returned to Mexico to participate in Pilgrim beside Eduardo Capetillo .

In 2007 , he made his first telenovela in the word antagonistic woman , Yadhira Carrillo and Edith González .

Víctor Noriega and boyfriendIn 2009 makes a cameo in Beware the Angel , starring William Levy and Maite Perroni . That year and 2010 he worked in the soap opera that money to do us with Pedro Fernández and Itati Cantoral .

In 2011 integrate the cast of Two households , sharing roles with Anahí Sergio Goyri , Carlos Ponce , Olivia Collins and Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo . In mid- 2012 , Salvador Mejía How nice it would call for love, a new version of La hija del mariachi starring Jorge Salinas, Danna García , Pablo Montero and Juan Ferrara.

In late 2013 integrates Forever my love beside Susana Gonzalez and Guy Ecker

For the first time , Victor Noriega is captured with his young boyfriend

" Victor has always been very discreet with his affairs guy. Since beginning his career in the Garibaldi group has carried his life in total secrecy . This is how it works and likes. 's Not that hidden from the people, but also has maintained its life and is respectable , "he added .

He said they were sweethearts met in the halls of Televisa , during filming of the soap opera ' Love Pretty Things ' , which aired in 2012, because Guillermo also acts and sings.

Answered our question why we did not know homosexuality Victor Noriega ? The source says, " All his close friends know he's gay (Victory and Ruesga ) Do not be ashamed , but it is something to put in your cover letter not have that . . ."




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